A date with the mischievous monkey’s and other animals at Longleat

It has been a good couple of years since we last visited Longleat.

Longleat is the UK’s first safari park and is a place where you can see lions roam, tigers stalk and monkeys getting up to no good, normally at your car’s expense.

We arrived at opening time and with the weather forecast due to be wet that afternoon, made the decision to do the safari drive through first.

At the beginning of the safari, you get to stretch your legs and explore the African Village. Sadly for us, the Giraffe’s were still in their winter enclosure so we didn’t get to see them, but we did enjoy the Lemur Walkthrough, which is home to both ring tailed and brown lemurs.


It was then back in the car to enjoy the safari itself, where we got started with spotting zebra, camels, scimitar horned oryx, ostriches, a herd of Ankole cattle and their rhino’s.


You get to the monkey enclosure fairly early on in the safari, although you can choose to avoid this section if you prefer.

rhesus macaques

The rhesus macaques that inhabit this area can only be described as mischievous, as we soon found out when they decided to attempt to take apart Abbey’s car.

Longleat Monkey

Mum and Baby posed in front of the windscreen, taking centre stage whilst the cheeky one on the roof tried to pull the rubber stripping off.

Longleat Monkey's

Thankfully it was repairable but some other cars were not so lucky. We saw one monkey using the rear windscreen wiper as a trampoline and promptly snapped it and another taking apart a roof box. Luckily the only damage to our car was a slightly chewed aerial.

Monkey at Longleat

The next enclosure on is the deer, where you can wind your windows down and feed them. We decided not to buy the food and drive through, but traffic was at a standstill and we got a visitor or two looking for food peering through the windows.


The Big Cats enclosure was next on the safari and we caught a glimpse of a tiger asleep on a ledge. Thankfully the lions were much more active and we even followed one walking along the road for a while.

Lion Longleat

The Cheetah cubs, Poppy and Winston were a huge hit with the kids, although at 6 months old they are no longer a bundle of fluff.


The pack of grey wolves were wandering around their enclosure, oblivious to everything going on around them as they dosed under the trees.

Grey Wolf

The safari takes a good 90 minutes to complete and the kids were ready to stretch their legs once we got back to the main house. They spotted Rockin Rhino as soon as we walked into the square, which is a bit like George’s Dinosaur ride at Peppa Pig World, only on a lion and a rhino.

Rockin Rhino

The kids have been looking forward to visiting Postman Pat, but that area has now been replaced by a fabulous new Little Explorers Garden.

Little Explorers Garden

Inspired by British wildlife, the Little Explorer’s Garden features 4 fun-filled and immersive zones each of which is based on an adorable furry friend that you might spot in your garden. There is also a huge interactive arch that beams images onto the floor so you can play games.

Little Explorers Garden Longleat

There are lots of animals to see alongside the main house in Longleat, including marmosets and tamarins in the Monkey Temple, who were just as interested in us as we were in them.


Abbey faced her fear of birds and bravely let the Lorikeets feed on their nectar, straight from her hand.


Longleat is one of the few places you can do a walkthrough with penguins and we got up close to one of their Humboldt penguins, much to Sebby’s delight.

Penguin Longleat

In the Animal Handling Hall the keepers had the kids bravely stroking and holding snakes.

Snake Longleat

It had now started to rain so we went in search of some undercover activities, with our first port of call being the Jungle cruise, where you board an old steamer which is escorted by Californian Sea Lions hoping for a fishy treat as you head to get a glimpse of Spot and Sonia, their resident hippo’s.

Sea lion

At the far end of the lake is the Gorilla Colony and we could not help but feel a bit sad as we sailed past Nico’s island. Longleat’s famous gorilla Nico, died in his sleep on 7th January aged 56. The three remaining lowland gorillas live in a lap of luxury though, with their own homes with underfloor heating.

Gorilla Longleat

Also undercover is Bat Cave, home to a colony of free flying Egyptian fruit bats. The kids were concerned they would fly into them, but luckily they have a clever way of navigating in the dark which means they know when they are getting too close. We did feel a rush of air as they flew past though.

Bat Longleat

We enjoyed a brief walk around the grounds, exploring the gardens before making the decision to do the safari again to get out of the rain, only this time Abbey joined us in our car as she didn’t want to risk those pesky monkey’s again!

Longleat House

A day ticket entitles you to:

  • UK’s No1 Safari Park including Cheetah Kingdom, Monkey Drive Through and the famous lions of Longleat
  • Main Square including Jungle Kingdom, Monkey Temple, Longleat Hedge Maze and Adventure Castle
  • Longleat House and Gardens

Parrot Longleat

I would highly recommend you book online for the best prices (£29.70 for adults and £22.27 for children aged 3-15) and get there for opening time to make the most of your day. Two-day tickets are also available, so you can ensure you tick everything off your to-do list.

Red Panda

The Predators exhibition starts this Easter, running until 3rd September, with 14 killer animatronic carnivores, stalking into the park to make your day out extra wild! This fascinating new exhibition will include an impressive range of species from modern-day predators to those who walked the planet thousands, and in some cases, millions of years ago!

Have you braved the monkey’s at Longleat?


17 thoughts on “A date with the mischievous monkey’s and other animals at Longleat

  1. You took some amazing photos, I’ve always wanted to visit Longleat after it was always on the TV in a documentary. Looks like a really great Safari experience! xo

  2. What a lovely day trip.Those monkeys are so cute and adorable. We have not been to Longleat but when we went to woburn safari park one of the cheeky monkeys broke the car wing mirror by sitting on it.

  3. I’ve been to the house at Longleat as we have friends about 10 minutes away, but it was winter when qe went so we didn’t do the safari park part. My little girl is now 3 and I think she’d absolutely love it as she loves nature and wildlife.

  4. I love feeding the deer out the window at Longleat. Apparently they’ve just opened a £1.5m refit restaurant – a lot of investment going on! There’s always so much to do at Longleat – we love the winter carnival of lights – stunning! #CountryKids

  5. London zoo sounds like a lovely place to visit. There is so much to see and do that it would make a wonderful day out. I hope to take my niece there for her birthday treat.

  6. I had no idea there was a safari park in the UK! Is Longleat in England or Scotland? Not sure how I feel about it really, these animals evolved to live in warm weather – imagine them suffering through the UK drizzle! Bbrr! Still, it would be quite the adventure for the kids.

  7. I love the picture of the monkey sticking his tongue out! I have always wanted to go to Longleat but have never been, definitely on my list of things to do this summer x

  8. We were meaning to go to Longleat whilst on holiday this week but didn’t manage to fit it in which is a shame as from your post it looks like a fantastic day out. I like that there is a mix of the safari park element but also the park to explore on foot too and the house. #countrykids

  9. We keep saying we are going to take our kids to Longleat and somehow never managed it. Your animal photos are wonderful, the expressions you capture are so characterful. Those monkeys may have been pesky but they look adorable in your photos, especially the little one hanging off it’s Mum.

    What a wonderful day out over the holidays.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  10. Wow, you packed loads into one day!! We didn’t do the monkey enclosure; wild Daddy is too precious about the car but it looks like you were treated to some super close ups of the baby monkey. #CountryKids

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