A Family Feastival with Fore Adventure

We have been fans of Fore Adventure for five years now, having enjoyed a day coasteering with them for Kian’s 13th birthday and several kayaking trips to Old Harry Rocks and a learning to paddle board session since.

Fast forward to the present day and it is lovely to see them adding new events to their calendar and last weekend we joined them for their family feastival.

Family Feastival

Held at the Discovery Centre on Knoll Beach, set in woodland just 300 yards from the sea in Studland, the mini festival was a combination of foraging, feasting, bushcraft, wild art and more.

At arrival we were separated into small groups, with each group being assigned an activity. Our first one was making Mocktails, with fresh ingredients that had been made into syrups and fruit juices to mix with.


I have to admit my kids are not normally adventurous with new flavours, but Christian was brilliant with them and they were soon making all kinds of creations with great success. In fact, they all went back for more throughout the day.

Mocktails Isaac

Once we had finished our delicious Mocktails, we moved onto creating wild art with lots of materials all laid out for us to use.

Eliza weaving

Eliza was instantly drawn to a previously weaved web and busily collected her treasure to start decorating it.

Creating wild art

There was also paper, colouring books and wax crayons laid out on the table for the kids to draw and colour in their own pictures or do leaf rubbings.


Whilst Eliza finished her art work, Sebby and Isaac got a masterclass in fire building next to the wood fired rustic cob pizza oven.

Fire Building

I knew Isaac would be good at it as he has just come back from cub camp, but Sebby mastered it straight away too and they were both super excited to learn that the cob oven was going to be used for making pizza.


Wood Fire

There were also some unsupervised areas of the festival where we could come and go as we pleased, such as the den building and bug hunting challenges.

Bug Hunting

Sebby was eager to find some bugs and picked up his magnify glass and pot busily got to work, finding woodlice, worms, spiders and beetles, enlisting the help of Isaac and Eliza so he could complete his challenge sheet.

Bug hunting Studland

One of the activities they were super keen to try was the wood cutting.


Isaac was straight in there with the larger axe and closely supervised as he chopped wood for the wood oven. Sebby got started with a much smaller axe and despite me being slightly worried about Dan’s fingers, did a magnificent job.

Wood cutting

Meanwhile, Eliza was busy making pendants out of wood circles, by making holes in them with a hand drill and colouring them in.

Pendant Making

The great thing about the day was that there was plenty of time to try everything, so everybody got a turn.

Eliza wood cutting

Sebby was so proud of his pendant he has worn it everyday since too.

Sebby Pendant

All the groups got together for the storytelling session with Benny. The story was all about a pair of frogs exploring the wood where they lives, but its brilliance was the fact that the kids all got to contribute their ideas to the story, so you didn’t know what would happen next.

Story Telling

Our final activity before food was a foraging walk in the woods to see what we could find with Matt (the Tree Man) and Dan.

Fore Adventure

I am terrible at spotting creatures when we go out, but with the help of the experts, they managed to spot a frog, a slow-worm, a newt and even a wasp’s nest along the small route we took.

Common Frog

They also foraged for, and sampled, some of the edible plants along the way, with various success as well as identifying trees. We all learned lots about the world we live in during the walk, including that aspirin comes from Willow trees.

Oak tree

It was then back to the Discovery Centre for some feasting.

Pizza making

There was lots of food on offer, much that had been made with items that had been foraged or caught by the team.

Photo Credit: Fore Adventure

The kids kept going back for more bread cooked in the pizza oven, and dessert – but who doesn’t love dessert!!

Photo Credit: Fore Adventure

After the food, the boys headed off to play in the woods, whilst Eliza decided she wanted to make her own web to bring home to decorate her fairy garden.

Weaving Eliza

I really struggled to tear the kids away at the end of the day, they had such an amazing time.


Thank you Dan, Jade and the whole Fore Adventure team – we cannot wait for the next one!

Fore Adventure are based a Middle Beach at Studland and offer kayak / SUP Board hire, tuition and tours, plus family adventure days, foraging and feasting and bushcraft. They have been featured on Julia Bradbury’s favourite walks and Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast. Find out more at www.foreadventure.co.uk


24 thoughts on “A Family Feastival with Fore Adventure

  1. What a great idea for a festival! Bet they loved it, especially the wild art from foraged materials. Food looks amazing too!

  2. Now this looks like it was so much fun! Before I got ill I worked at my local wildlife trust as a youth ranger and would help out with the kids activities both for schools and over the holidays and I loved doing things like this – I got very good at lighting fires with flint.. Not sure what that says about me though lol.

  3. I can absolutely see why you had trouble dragging the kids away – this looks totally amazing and completely 100% my sort of thing! You’d have trouble dragging me away. I used to do similar work to some of this with schools in SE London and it is so important to get youngsters outside and really interacting with the environment. Brilliant initiative and I hope there are more like this all around the country.

  4. Oh my goodness, what a perfect family festival, I absolutely LOVE the sound of this, it’s right up my street and I wish there was something like this near me.

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