A new local discovery – Kingfisher Barn Visitor Centre

We are always on the lookout for new places to take the kids locally and upon recommendation from one of the the mum’s at the kids swimming lessons we headed to the Kingfisher Barn Visitor Centre in Throop at the weekend.

Kingfisher Barn Visitor Centre is the gateway to the Stour Valley nature reserve, where the kids can walk, run or cycle along riverside paths and even take a paddle in the river.


We took our trusty backpacks which contain flower, bird and bug books, binoculars and a diary so we can write down all the plants and animals we saw.

River Stour

Stour Valley is one of the best places locally to spot Kingfishers too and we had our fingers and toes crossed that we might spot one.

River Stour

When walking along the path Isaac bumped into a photographer who told us the best place to spot a Kingfisher, so we set off on a purpose to find the perfect spot.


A little way along the path we spotted a photographer clicking away and saw, not one but two birds in close proximity.

River Stour

A quick check in Sebby’s book and we discovered we were looking at a Heron and an Egret.

River Stour

After a brief stop we carried on to find the Kingfisher spot.

River Stour

The photographers description of the sighting spot was accurate and we found it easily, but sadly for us there had been no sighting that day, so we carried on to look for some flowers that Eliza could press in her new flower press.

River Stour

All in all we walked just under 5 miles and I have promised the kids we will go back as they are as desperate as me to spot and take a picture of a Kingfisher!!

River Stour

The visitor centre itself runs activities throughout the year from pond dipping to guided river walks, just pop over to their facebook page for more information.

Kingfisher Barn and the River Stour Way is certainly somewhere we will visit again and again!!

Do you enjoy river walks?

21 thoughts on “A new local discovery – Kingfisher Barn Visitor Centre

  1. That is such a lovely place! It’s always nice to get out and explore nature in places like this. Everyone learns so much – the kids and the adults.

  2. This place really has a little bit of everything; I love that it would be perfect for kids of a variety of ages too! I know my littles would have a great time here!

  3. Glad that you guys are able to spot the heron and egret. According to the Japanese legend, heron and egret are auspicious animals which will bring in good luck and plenty of fortune. I guess lucky are with you guys.

  4. This looks like such a lovely place for a spot of nature spotting – these places are so important for ensuring our children can keep connecting with nature.

  5. That place looks great! The kids look as though they had a great time and were able to be nature for a bit. Great recommendation.

  6. Wow, this place looks incredible. There’s so much to do and see there! Looks like a brilliant place to take the whole family

  7. That looks like a great place to visit with kids. There is so much to look and see there. Very relaxing place too.

  8. I love that spring is here and soon to be summer in MN… I love taking my kids on an adventure similar to this ; )
    I’ll keep this place in mind if ever I’m in that area!

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