A visit to Dorset County Show 2018

We loved Dorset County Show last year that the kids literally squealed with delight when we told them we were going again this year.

Situated at the Dorchester showground and now in its 178th year, Dorset County Show has a variety of attractions, livestock, trade stands and fun for all the family to celebrate agriculture and rural life in Dorset.

Dorset County Show

Dorset County Show is a truly family friendly day out and like last year, the kids were given wristbands in case we got separated and were told who to find it they got lost. They were itching to go and explore and soon found their favourite tractor – Robo Crop.

Robo Crop

This tractor is equipped with a siren and has a top speed of 23mph (37km/h) and is “not built for response policing” but is being used to raise awareness of rural crime.

Robo Crop Sebby

The show had an almost identical lay out to the previous year, so we knew where we wanted to find. They loved the Dog and Duck Show last year and we arrived just in time for the first show.

Dog and Duck Show

If you have not seen the Dog and Duck Show before, it features Kiwi, Stuart Barnes and his team who demonstrate how they use dogs natural instincts to train sheep dogs to herd Indian Running Ducks.

Indian Running Ducks

Stuart is brilliant and gives a very tongue-in-cheek show, educating the audience about common dog behaviour issues and about how these can be resolved. The highlight is always when he gets the kids to come out and help him and this year Sebby and Eliza got picked to help.

Dog and Duck

After his show we wandered around into a huge marquee by the arena, admiring arts and crafts that had been submitted by talented locals to be judged.

Floral displays

Outside this marquee were Longthornes Farm who were giving people the chance to walk their Alpaca’s.


Walking the Alpaca’s was an interesting experience as they would stop for no reason, but the kids had great fun leading them around the pen.

Alpaca Walk

It was then time for the Sheep Show, a humorous educational live stage show, again hosted by Stuart Barnes, about sheep and wool, featuring live sheep shearing and nine different breeds of sheep.

The Sheep Show

Make sure you stay to see the dancing sheep at the end, it is brilliant!

Sheep Show

We then headed off to see what else was on offer.

Milking Cow

We saw a milking demonstration and wandered around all the animal marquee’s seeing the winners of the competitive classes.


The Grand Parade of award-winning livestock which took place in the main ring was a real sight to behold – particularly as there was one sheep that really didn’t want to be there and was doing its own thing.

Main Ring

Also in the main ring were demonstrations by lovingly resorted carts, pulled by handsome horses.

Horse and Cart

Vintage vehicles also rumbled in and showed themselves off around the ring.

Vintage Vehicles

There was an extensive range of catering concessions to choose from, each specialising in a different type of cuisine, showcasing local food producers from across Dorset as well as more than 450 trade stands at the show to explore – many of whom had activities for the kids to try.


We came away with lots of lovely local produce and some fabulous memories of a great day out.


The finale in the main ring was Camel racing by Joseph’s Amazing Camels which have appeared on BBC’s Countryfile and are also the stars of advertising campaigns including the British airline EasyJet.

Camel Racing

It was hilarious to watch. Three of the camels were very competitive but one was just out for his Sunday stroll and ambled along the race course as his own pace, despite encouragement from his jockey.


Dorset County Show is an annual event, attracting over 60,000 people to Dorchester Showground and the best bit is – kids go FREE!!

Have you been to an event like this before?

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18 thoughts on “A visit to Dorset County Show 2018

  1. We have something similar in Hertfordshire that is usually held in July – it seems to have a lot of the same things as the Dorset one. It looks like a lovely local day out for the whole family.

  2. The sheep show is amazing he does them up near us my favourite is the one who dances to Bob Marley but then Susie is also a cutie. Crazy to think he of how far he travels with his sheep as we are in Yorkshire I’m pretty sure it’s the same man, New Zealand guy I think?

  3. Oh I love a country show! There’s one in Northumberland that has a big dog and little dog race, the big dogs run straight to their other owners while the little dogs make it to the middle of the course then roll around with each other, it’s hilarious!

    Katie xoxo

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