A visit to Dorset Waterpark 2018

Back in July 2016 we discovered Dorset Waterpark for the first time and the kids have been itching to go back since.

Last week Kian turned 18 and we wanted to find an activity that the whole family could take part in and Dorset Waterpark was the obvious choice.

Dorset Waterpark

You are advised to arrive 45 minutes before your session to get kitted up in wetsuits and buoyancy aids before your safety briefing session. It is then time to get wet!

Eliza Dorset Waterpark

There are two lakes at Dorset Waterpark and the groups were split in half, with one set doing the Castle Lake first and the other, the Woodland Lake.

Woodland Lake

Brothers Dorset Water Park

As a large group of 14, we were all kept together and instructed to buddy up, helping each other if we fell in and trust me, you will fall in……. a lot!

Me Dorset Water Park

The inflatables have switched lakes since our last visit and more obstacles have been added to both courses.

Callan Dorset Waterpark

Woodland Lake has an 85m Action Loop to tackle which includes monkey bars, floating stepping-stones, slack line, balance beam and the all time favourite flip bag.

Kian Flip Bag

It took a few goes to get the hang of the flip bag and it works best with a lighter person at the front, with a larger, heavier person leaping onto the air bag.

Isaac Flip Bag

If you hit the bag at the wrong angle, you end up in the water yourself and the person at the front slides into the water.

Callan Flip Bag

Hit it at the right spot and you FLY!!!

Flip Bag Isaac

On the course with you is a lifeguard and an instructor. The lifeguard is there to make sure everyone is kept safe and the instructor is there for guidance, hints and tips.

Eliza Monkey Bars

Although both are there to lend a hand if needed.

Mollie Dorset Waterpark

After half an hour it is time to swap lakes with the other team.

Castle Lake

So called because the lake has a stunning view of Corfe Castle, the Castle Lake features a 65m Action Loop of inflatable obstacles, as well as trampoline, slide and separate climbing obstacles.

Siblings Dorset Waterpark

The Castle Lake features the highest points of the two lakes and is perfect for practicing jumps, flips and tricks.

Isaac Dive

The trampoline was a hit too, although much harder to climb on than it looks.


As a spectator on our last visit, I have to admit the inflatable course looks much easier than it actually is and climbing on the obstacles is very physically demanding and takes a lot of effort.

Dorset Water Park Tower

The younger ones found it much easier than the adults!

Balance Beam

Participants must be aged 6+ and able to swim a minimum of 50m.

Eliza Bridge

You also need to bring swimwear and old trainers or wetsuit boots to wear in the water. You do not have to wear a wetsuit, but the lakes are quite chilly, even on a warm day, so I would advise it. You can bring your own or hire one on the day for £5 plus £2 for shoe hire.

Eliza steps

A new feature for this year is the Snap Shack, which takes pictures of everyone having fun. They offer a range of packages from individual photos, to digital packages of your favourite pictures from the day.

For spectators there is a lovely picnic area overlooking Corfe Castle, plus the Snack Shack that offers delicious hot food, refreshments and ice creams.

Dorset Waterpark costs £12.50 per person if booked 7+ days in advance or £15 if booked within 7 days and parking is free.

If a waterpark isn’t for you, they have also opened Dorset Mud Trail, an outdoor adventure trail that tracks around Castle Lake and features more than 30 different obstacles from Monkey Rings to Rope Bridges and Cargo Nets to the Bounce Pillow.

We saw a group come out and they were covered from head to toe in mud – we cannot wait to try it!!

20 thoughts on “A visit to Dorset Waterpark 2018

  1. This looks very fun. I went on one of those inflatable obstacle courses in Pontins a few years back. Thought it would be easy but it’s actually very difficult. The surface is very slippery and feet are wet. There is nothing really to hold on to and people in the water shake it and splash you. Not many people completed it

  2. This looks like the most amount of fun! Lewis woudl love this just as much as the youngest three, infact probably more so! We will have to visit when we are next down there!

  3. What a fun way to spend your day! I recently took part in an on land inflatable obstacle course and that alone was physically exhausting, so I can only imagine how taxing it would be for me on the water as well. Looks like you all had a great time

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