An Easter visit to RockReef on Bournemouth Pier

We have been big fans of RockReef since it opened its doors back in 2014, so much so that Eliza had a climbing birthday party there in January this year.

As a birthday gift, RockReef gave her a return ticket back to the centre and with the weather so hit and miss over the Easter break, we headed back for some climbing fun.

RockReef is a climbing activity centre situated on Bournemouth Pier. It offers 28 unique Clip ‘n’ Climb walls, the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ climbing challenge, a HighLine aerial obstacle course, a caving experience, and adrenaline activities including a Vertical Drop Slide, a Leap of Faith and the Pierzip.


Isaac and Eliza are quite adept at the walls now and think nothing of climbing to the top and bouncing back down whilst attached to the harness, but Sebastian, at age 4, is still a little more wary.

Sebby Rockreef

Encouraged by his big brother and sister, he was soon scaling the climbing walls, inching higher and higher each attempt.

Sebby Climbing wall

Isaac’s favourite part of RockReef is the Highline – an indoor aerial obstacle course suspended 20ft in the air, which includes a diverse mix of challenges, including the Swing Logs, Free Beamer, the ever-moving Cross Logs, Hi-Low Steps, Cargo Net, Tunnel and the Slope Walk.

Isaac Highline Rockreef

Not content with just the challenge of the swinging obstacle course, Isaac now insists on completing the course blindfolded!

Highline Rockreef

On this visit Isaac decided he wanted to try the Leap of Faith, but sadly he is a couple of cm off the minimum height, so fingers crossed he can try it next time.

Eliza was in a competitive mood for the visit and insisted on racing her friends up and down the climbing walls.

Eliza Rockreef

Sebastian was itching to take part in the caving as soon as we arrived and he soon persuaded Isaac and Eliza to join him.


The Pier Cave consists of three separate caving tunnels, each colour coded with varying levels of difficulty and they started easy and were soon racing around the red, most difficult route.

The kids always have so much fun at RockReef and I am happy knowing that it is pushing and testing their agility, confidence, climbing and problem-solving skills. 

Stairway to Heaven

RockReef is open 7 days a week from 10:00am until 19:00pm and costs from £11 per person, depending on which activities you want to try.

Isaac Stairway to Heaven

An adult (non-paying) is required to accompany up to 3 children as a “Clipper’ and is responsible for clipping the children on & off the walls following a full safety briefing before the activity starts.

Isaac’s next challenge is to grow that extra 2cm to be able to do the Leap of Faith and the Pierzip…….hopefully it won’t be too long!!

Have you been to a climbing centre?

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  1. We saw the pier zip last year when we had a day trip but I wasn’t aware that they had all of that aswell. It looks like great fun and something indoors for holiday tourist to try.

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