The Annual Poole New Year’s Day Bath Tub Race 2017

We always try to attend local events, especially those that are raising money for charity and this year we finally got to the annual New Year’s Day Bath Tub Race on Poole Quay.

What we were not expecting was the sheer number of people who turned up to watch the race and we struggled to get a good view as our planned location to watch the race was rammed already, but we did manage to find a raised flower bed to stand on to get a view of the race.

Bath Tub Race

There were literally thousands of people lining the quayside to cheer on the participants by the time the race started.

Poole Bath Tub Race

A dozen teams took part in the race and competition on the water was fraught and fierce, with eggs and water being thrown at not only each other, but also at the unsuspecting crowd.

Poole Bath Tub Race

Most of the teams were in fancy dress, including a whole raft of very orange Donald Trump’s, some Minions, Vikings and even Captain America.

Poole Bath Tub Race
Photo Credit: Bournemouth Echo

It was the team from Jenkins Marine who finally took the victory and I felt for all those who plunged into the chilly water from their homemade rafts as they attempted to win the race.

Poole Bath Tub Race

Sadly the event was all over within about 15 minutes and I feel that more could have been made of it, so we headed to one of our favourite parks to burn off some energy instead.


Whitecliff is one of our favourites as it is stunning views over Poole Harbour and is a popular landing site for the Coastguard helicopters – we always hope to see one.


The play area is huge and features include a 6m tall climbing tower, a large sandpit, a helicopter climbing frame, roundabout, witches hat, buddy swing, open grassed area, seating & picnic tables and more.


It may not have been quite the day out we had planned but we had fun and got some much needed fresh air in our lungs.

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24 thoughts on “The Annual Poole New Year’s Day Bath Tub Race 2017

  1. Oh this has just taken me back to when I was a child and we used to watch something like this down South somewhere, did they used to do it over the summer? I can remember going on holiday and loving all of the different bath tubs!! Must ask my parents! Looks like so much fun!

  2. I do love the idea. Your Sunday photo now makes sense too. So much effort must have gone into making those rafts and what fun they must have had racing, as you say it’s a shame they don’t try to make more of the day itself. Just as well you have such a great play area there. Beachfront and play area sounds perfect to me.

    Thank you for sharing at #CountryKids

  3. It does look fun but a shame it was over so quick. I guess those waters are pretty cold this time of year. I’m glad you managed to fill your day with fun at the park.

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