How to travel with confidence

View from Pena

Whenever I book holidays for my family, I like to be prepared and plan ahead much as I can. Because we travel with kids, I am always keen to make sure our trips are budget-friendly and hassle-free. Here, I share with you some of the best tips I have learned along with way. I hope that they will inspire you to do the same before you set off on your next adventure. Once you pick your destination and know how long your holiday will be, the next step is to do your research. A great way to start is by… Continue Reading “How to travel with confidence”

A day at the Ancient Technology Centre – Cranborne


We are always on the look out for days out with a difference and it is always extra special when we find one our doorstep. We first heard of the Ancient Technology Centre in Cranborne last year when our friends moved to the village and it is literally a hidden gem, tucked behind the primary school. The Ancient Technology Centre is a historically based activity centre for children and young adults which is by extremely friendly and enthusiastic volunteers who make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive. The centre is normally accessed via school visits, Learning Centre visits, Duke of Edinburgh… Continue Reading “A day at the Ancient Technology Centre – Cranborne”

10 Fun Easter Activities to do with the Kids in Dorset and Hampshire 2018

A Day Out with Thomas

It is just over a week until the kids break for the Easter holidays and this year I am busy putting together activities to keep the kids occupied over the two week break. We plan on staying local this Easter and here are a list of the Top 10 things my kids want to do this Easter in Dorset and Hampshire. Visit Thomas and Friends at the Watercress Line Who doesn’t love the cheeky blue engine called Thomas and this Easter, ‘A Day Out With Thomas‘ is back at the Mid-Hants Railway Watercress Line, with new, exciting funfair rides and a… Continue Reading “10 Fun Easter Activities to do with the Kids in Dorset and Hampshire 2018”

Travelling to Lisbon with TAP Air Portugal

When booking our holiday to Portugal, I spent quite some time researching airlines to find the best deals on flights to Lisbon. Prices varied depending on the times and dates of flights and I wanted to make the most of our short break, so booked an early 6am flight so we could make the most of the first day of our break. The cheapest deals were with TAP Air Portugal, who were also offering 9% cashback on Top Cashback, so I saved both ways. Hand luggage was free but I did pay extra for one large case for Hubby and… Continue Reading “Travelling to Lisbon with TAP Air Portugal”

Exploring Lisbon with the kids – Day Two

Lisbon Vasco

On the first day of our visit to Lisbon we explored the area around Martinhal Chiado hotel, on foot as it was close to where we were staying. The great thing about our hotel is that it is less than a five-minute walk to the main transport network, which offers the opportunity to explore everything Lisbon has to offer, whether by foot, underground, tram, bus or even tuk tuk. Before we travelled to Lisbon we made a list of things we wanted to see and do during our visit and our first port of call for the day ticked off two things… Continue Reading “Exploring Lisbon with the kids – Day Two”

Exploring Lisbon with kids – Day One

During our visit to Portugal in half term, we spent two days staying centrally at the Martinhal Chiado hotel, which is set in one of the trendiest areas of Lisbon. The hotel is the perfect base to not only stay with the kids, but is also within a stones throw of the main transport network, offering the chance to explore everything Lisbon has to offer, whether by foot, underground, tram, bus or even tuk tuk. On our first day in Lisbon we decided to get our bearings and explore Chiado by foot, finding stunning artwork, historic buildings and huge statues around… Continue Reading “Exploring Lisbon with kids – Day One”

Why snow holidays are perfect for us!

Santa's Lapland

This winter has been the one where the kids have truly fallen in love with snow. Before now, they had a really romantic idea of snow; building snowmen, throwing snowballs and hurtling down the hills aboard sledges and boards, but the reality was that it was too cold and we were weren’t adequately prepared for the white stuff. This year we had all the right equipment, the correct clothing and it made the world of difference to our enjoyment of the freezing weather, even when the temperature reached the dizzy lows of -18°C at one point. There is something so… Continue Reading “Why snow holidays are perfect for us!”