Axe Valley Wildlife Park

During half term we spent a couple of days in East Devon, staying at Andrewshayes Holiday Park and visiting my Dad who lives in Axminster.

My Dad and his wife suggested that we visit Axe Valley Wildlife Park, a natural, rustic, small, family friendly park set on the outskirts of Axminster, just off the A35, which is home to a plethora of animals for the kids to see and parks where they can run off and burn off all their energy.

We arrived at lunchtime on a glorious day and enjoyed a spot of lunch in their cafe before heading out to see the animals, having heard a kookaburra laughing whilst we were eating.

Axe Valley Wildlife

I have heard wonderful things about their animal encounter sessions which run throughout the day in school holidays, but sadly with us being there on a teacher training day rather than the holidays, it was not on. We did, however, get to see the Lemurs being fed and spotted a gorgeous baby clung onto its mothers back.

Axe Valley Park

Although small, the park has a variety of animals to spot including: Zebra, antelopes, wallabies, flamingos, owls, otters, small cats, guinea pigs, lemurs, porcupines, armadillo, snakes, spiders, bearded dragons and plenty of creepy crawlies!

Axe Valley Wildlife Park

There are also plenty of play areas for them, although it was the musical instruments which we could not tear them away from as they loved belting out some tunes.

Axe Valley Wildlife Park

The park is aimed perfectly at the under 12’s with little information plaques explaining what each animal is called and where they originate from.

Axe Valley Wildlife Park

It was lovely and quiet during our visit and apart from a couple of families with toddlers, we had the place to ourselves.

Axe Valley Wildlife Park

Many of the birds and smaller animals are in large cages close to the entrance……

Axe Valley Wildlife Park

…..but the bigger ones are housed in large green fields with stunning views of the Devon countryside to admire.

Axe Valley Wildlife Park

Despite having animals such as the capy bara, zebra and wallabies, it was all about the goats for Sebby and Eliza as they play a game on the iPad called Goat Simulator.

Axe Valley Wildlife Park

We spent a good two and a half hours exploring the park and if the workshops had been running I am sure we could have stayed all day.

Axe Valley Wildlife Park

The park is well equipped for families with plenty of accessible toilets, baby changing areas, picnic areas and refreshment points.

Axe Valley Wildlife Park

We will definitely be back in the summer holidays when we visit my Dad and take part in the animal encounter sessions. I have heard lots of great things about meeting their resident Armadillo, but I think I will leave meeting the creepy crawlies to the kids!

Axe Valley Park

Tickets cost a very reasonable £9.95 for adults and £7.00 for children with under 3’s free.

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23 thoughts on “Axe Valley Wildlife Park

  1. This looks like such a wonderful wildlife park! We will have to see if we can visit it next time we’re down that way. We often go to Cornwall, so it would be a nice little detour on the way.

  2. Axe Valley Wildlife Park looks a great day out. I can’t believe how cheap the entrance fee is too! Even though Ellie is older we still love going to places like this and watching the animals.

  3. As a family these are our favourite types of family days. I love that they are housed in large open fields and not cage that are too small. Hopefully you will have a fab time next time with the animal encounters.

  4. This looks like a fab visit and definitely one that my little guy would enjoy! He loves looking at all the animals, looks like you had some good weather too!

  5. Oh wow what a fantastic place to take kids for the day to get up close and personal with animals and to have a lot of fun – looks ace

    Laura x

  6. We are far from Devon, but this park looks so beautiful that if we ever make our way there it would be a great place for a family day out.

  7. Thats a lot of animals for a very reasonable price! There also sounds like there are lots of things to keep the little ones entertained and I love having places to ourselves. #CountryKids

  8. What a fabulous place to visit, I love nature centres like this especially when there are not many other people there. It looks like you had a great day.

  9. What a great place to explore with the kids, I bet they loved seeing all the unusual animals they had there. I’m impressed at how much there was to see and do there, it really kept the three of them busy exploring, that musical play area looks fab. The kids must be looking forward to a return visit in the summer to meet the smaller animals they have there.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

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