Be Prepared and #win a Family First Aid Kit

Being a childminder I have to be a qualified first aider and be prepared for the worst at all times and my training has come in handy for not only my own children but strangers too.

My friends may find it amusing that I bring a first aid kit with me on our travels, but to me it is a must have piece of equipments that fits perfectly into my ruck sack, changing bag or suitcase.

A good first aid kit can be hard to find, but LittleLife have developed a really well-equipped kit for parents. The Family First Aid Kit is ideal for days out, short breaks or family holidays. It contains all the necessary basic first aid items you are likely to need to treat most common injuries and I love the additions of the ‘brave little star’ stickers will show everyone how brave you are!

The LittleLife Family first aid kit includes:

  • Primary care leaflet
  • 25g Sudocrem
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Forehead thermometer
  • Vinyl gloves
  • Nappy sacks
  • Micropore tape
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Medium and small eyepad dressings
  • Low adherent dressing
  • Fabric dressing strip
  • Wound closure strips
  • Gauze swabs
  • Plasters
  • Woven bandage
  • Crepe bandage
  • Triangular bandage
  • Safety pins
  • Burn gel
  • Eye wash
  • ‘Brave Little Star’ stickers
  • CE certified

Thanks to the team at LittleLife I have a Family First Aid Kit to giveaway to one lucky reader.

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336 thoughts on “Be Prepared and #win a Family First Aid Kit

  1. Steri strips. They can keep most minor/medium wounds closed when plasters aren’t doing the job. I find them particularly helpful when I’ve cut myself chopping vegetables or something like that.

  2. Plasters! We go through so many of them as my little girl is always falling over and likes to ‘check’ to see if its heeled often!

  3. with my 3 kids its got to be Steri strips my eldest is still the worsted shes now a teenager so fingers croseed she will be more careful now

  4. I always consider antiseptic cream to be the most important as you want to stop any nasty bugs gettin in to any cuts or abrasians causing an infection of any kind…making small accidents a lot worse.

  5. Magic gel. or hand wipes and micropore. As a Guider I always carry a first aid kit, where ever I go called my ‘trip kit’.

  6. Antiseptic wipes. We’ve rarely needed plasters or bandages (touch wood!), but wipes often come in handy for cleaning up nasty grazes.

  7. Its a tie between ‘magic cream’ and plasters, I just can’t pick a winner as my kids are always mended by both equally 😀

  8. Fabric dressing strip. guarantee if I haven’t got any with me, someone will have an accident. Always carry with me in my bag and car.

  9. It used to be plasters but my daughter is going through a phase of not wanting people to actually help her or touch her ‘ouchie’ so it’s currently the natrasan antiseptic spray!!

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