Bournemouth Film & Comic Con March 2016

Bournemouth Film & Comic Con took over Bournemouth International Centre last weekend and we were lucky enough to visit.

We first went to Bournemouth Film & Comic Con back in August 2015 and had no idea what to expect, but as we now had one under our belt we had a better idea of what would be happening. Our favourite bit of the Film and Comic Con was seeing everyone in their cosplay and the kids were desperate to dress up too, so I took along Isaac as Doctor Who (he was nicknamed Tiny Ten on the day) and Eliza was Rapunzel.


We arrived nice and early as I learned from last year that it gets packed around midday and I am so glad we did as it was lovely to browse in relative peace and quiet. This year seemed better organised too with exhibits more spaced out and our favourite stars from TV, Film and Comics dotted around the venue rather than all squeezed in together.

Bournemouth Film and Comic Con

There was a whole host of fun activities including photo shoots, panels, autograph sessions and hundreds of stalls full of TV and Film memorabilia to browse and we were lucky enough to meet and chat to some of our favourites from Doctor Who and Torchwood including Noel Clark, Kai Owen and Gemma Redgrave.

Bournemouth Film and Comic Con

The stalls were really interesting and I could have spent a fortune. Isaac had his eye on a Ghostbusters T-shirt but both he and Eliza were won over by Ghostbusters Marshmallow shooters, which resulted in a marshmallow war when we got home. It is surprisingly nice to get to eat the ammunition when you have finished.

Marshmallow Shooter

A highlight for me was meeting Kitt from Knight Rider, my favourite show when I was growing up.  Of course the children were more excited by the Mystery Machine!



There was a Cosplay competition but we didn’t enter as it was for that afternoon and Eliza had to be at the theatre with Rainbows, but the amount of comments Isaac got about his costume I wish we had. He did get quite pally with a miniature 11th Doctor too in the gaming area where they all had a go as some games old and new.


There was plenty to see at Bournemouth Film and Comic Con but there are some things you should be aware of if taking young children; people are dressed up in cosplay and some are quite scary to look at, although very friendly to chat to, there are lots of things on display that the children want to touch or play with.


It does cost extra on top of the entrance fee to get an autograph and photo from your favourite actors, although most are happy to chat to you if it is quiet and some take part in talks too.


We spent a good couple of hours exploring before it got really busy and we decided to leave. With tickets costing as little as £8 with under 4’s free, it is an inexpensive day out for fans of film and comics.

17 thoughts on “Bournemouth Film & Comic Con March 2016

  1. That looks like so much fun. I have a cousin who likes to go to Comic Cons too and when she showed my 5-year-old her costumes, she was absolutely gobsmacked! I think my daughter wants to dress-up and go to to one too 😉

  2. I’m more than a little jealous of you seeing Kitt. I know what you mean about young children and scary costumes. I took my two boys to a similar event in Manchester and had to ask the stormtroopers guarding the entrance if they wouldn’t mind hiding round the corner as they were too scared to walk past them. Needn’t have bothered, once inside the youngest got spooked by Iron Man before we’d even reached the ticket office so we had to make a sharp exit.

    I blame their fear of costumes on an over-sized HaaHoo they saw at an In The Night Garden show the year before, but that won’t stop me trying again next year.

  3. Oh how fun, my boys would have loved to have attended something like this, sadly I’ve never seen one advertised in our area. The kids looks so adorable dressed up!

  4. Oh Kit, how fab! I used to love Knight Rider when I was a kid. I know that MIni would love attending a comic con, but Maxi not so much as he hate dressing up and people dressing up

  5. We tried to go to an event like this where we live but it was so badly organised. The venue was so small compared to the tickets they sold. This looks great though. I hope we have a better experience one day

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