The Brug – A Bag and a Rug in One!

Regular readers of the blog will know that we love getting out and about in the great outdoors.

I am also fairly organised when we go out, carrying food, drinks, first aid kit and even a change of clothing.

I used to carry everything on the buggy but now Sebastian doesn’t need it I am back to carrying everything we need for a day out in a bag.

This is where the Brug, from Wunderlife, comes in!

The Brug

The Brug is a water-resistant and machine washable picnic blanket or playmat that quickly and easily transforms in to a bag, making it very easy to pack for a family day out or tidy up in the house after messy play.

The Brug

It is compact when folded up for storage and can be used inside or outside. However, its real selling point is the ability to pack all your goodies inside, drawstring the edges and clip them before zipping shut to carry as a bag.

The Brug

It is the perfect travel companion. Load it with buckets and spades for a trip to the beach, with food for a picnic, or toys if you are staying away from home. It works brilliantly as a Lego play mat too, simply pull the drawstrings together and the mat bunches together to keep the contents contained.

The Brug

Once both sides have been drawn in, do up the clip to secure the contents and zip up! ‘Voila’, it’s a handy bag.

The Brug

The Brug comes in two colourways, navy blue with an orange trim, or navy blue with a yellow trim and you have the option of having your name embroidered on the carry handle. It has handy tags on the edge so you can peg it into the ground, which is very helpful on a windy day at the beach and elastic to hold it together if you want to carry it as a picnic blanket.

The Brug measures 150cm as a picnic mat, or 75cm x 40cm as a bag and is able to hold up to 40 litres. It is available from and amazon for £49.99

I think it is a brilliant invention and will get lots of use from us on our outdoor adventures and at Camp Bestival.

13 thoughts on “The Brug – A Bag and a Rug in One!

  1. What a fab idea. I would have loved something like this when my children were small. I remember the mess they made and how many times I stood on Lego, ouch, ha! This looks great.

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