Capturing Holiday Memories

I have loved taking photo’s for as long as I can remember with my parents giving me my own camera at a very young age, although I think it is something they may have regretted as it used to cost them a fortune in developing them to find a few dozen pictures of my finger that was across the lens.

Thankfully my photography skills have improved over the years and with the introduction of digital photography I can click away until my heart is content, or the memory card is full. I love taking my camera out and my best photographs are always the ones where the kids don’t realise I am taking a picture.

Moors Valley

Taking my camera(s) on holiday is a must for me as I love to look back on the fun we have had and the things we have seen when we get home. Some of our favourite holiday pics are also a collage on our wall and I smile with the happy memories every time I see it, however, I am not a slave to the camera whilst we are on holiday as I want to have fun too.

Beach Fun

Thankfully phones on cameras have improved so much that my one is as good as my little compact camera and has the added bonus of being carried with me everywhere so I don’t miss a thing, which I normally then share on instagram, although if we are heading somewhere special I almost always take my big camera to capture those “Wow” moments that appear around every corner.

Rhodes September 2014 178

I also like to get the photo’s of things you would never normally see as we are an adventurous family. Last year we invested in a GoPro camera and have some brilliant pictures and film of the kids swimming underwater, of us scuba diving and even flying through the air on a Zip Line.

Scuba Dive

Most phones also have video capabilities now too and I love recording footage of the kids having fun which they then watch back. Our holiday to Turkey last year is still one of their favourite video’s to watch although that has been usurped by Sebby who now prefers our Christmas trip to Peppa Pig World whereas I like to remind myself of some of our more adrenalin related activities.

I am really lucky that my husband and teen are also both happy to get behind the camera and capture some pictures of me too. I think it is very important to have Mum in front of the camera as we are there to have fun too.

mark warner

What equipment do you insist on taking on holiday to capture those holiday memories?

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46 thoughts on “Capturing Holiday Memories

    1. You should definitely try it – scary at first but the buzz is so worth it. We plan on heading back this year to do Velocity which gets to a speed of 100mph #eek

  1. I had a little digital camera on our honeymoon. My husband used it to take some photos of fish in the crystal clear water. Sadly the water was too clear. He got so close he dunked it. It never worked again.

  2. You’ve definitely got an eye for a good photo. These are great!

    I take a proper camera and obviously the camera in my phone too. Ultimately, a good photo can come from either. Right place, right time and all that. Luck, and trying to remember how to frame a photo is all it takes!

  3. I am yet to invest in a proper big camera and the Fujitsu boo got me for Christmas 2 years ago I broke so these days I only walk around with my iPhone and a lens extender which has been awesome. Lovely photos and I am sure you will all look at these with fondness in years to come

  4. aw what amazing pictures and I agree the best pictures are those taken when the person doesn’t know as they really do capture the moment to be honest I need a new camera a more updated one

  5. Some really stunning pictures! I love the one going through the forest! and the underwater ones ! I was planning on investing in a GoPro , they look like agreat way to capture the “breath away” moments or the times you can’t quite get your camera out! unfortunately my picture taking still has a long way to go!

    1. I love our GoPro although I have seen a new TomTom camera which is lightly cheaper and edits the film for you which looks amazing

  6. I can’t leave the house without some sort of camera. My great fear is that when I die my husband will sell my camera equipment for what I have told him it cost me!

  7. Oooh Good luck!

    Your photos are always fab and I’d love to see you win this as you do so much with your family – I’ve added more places to my must visit list through reading your blogs than for any other reason x x x

  8. As chief photographer, there aren’t that many photos of me on days out/holidays :/ I always take my camera, and have my phone, for photos to share quickly online with friends and family. Good luck too! x

  9. Awwww so cute! Normally I only use my phone camera but it gets so full! The only recent event we used a proper camera for was our wedding. It’s true though, mum always ends up taking the photos! Good job we’re in the age of selfies! Haha. x

  10. Lovely post – your pictures are gorgeous! I especially love the one of you. We have a Canon G7X, a cheaper version of a GoPro and my phone (samsung s5) which come on holiday with us! Good luck with your application.

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