Chimichanga Tex-Mex Restaurant Review

On our recent visit to Cardiff we made the decision to leave the hotel in search of something different for dinner. In the hotel lobby was a huge interactive screen which gave the option of looking for the nearest bars and restaurants and although not the closest, Chimichanga jumped out at us and was the place we most wanted to try – plus a 30% discount voucher may have swayed our decision too.

Chimichanga is a chain of Tex-Mex restaurants with colourful restaurants found up and down the country. They serve sizzling Tex-Mex dishes with a kick of jalapeno peppers, but also offer family friendly children’s meals too.


I have to admit that our experience didn’t get off to the best start. The staff were busy rushing around and we were ignored for a good five minutes. When we were finally approached we were advised that it would be another 5 minute wait whilst they arranged a table. The waitress then disappeared and another approached us and started leading us to an empty table, only for the previous waitress to reappear and send us back to the front of the restaurant, whilst she proceed to berate the second one for talking to us.

Wait over and we were finally seated. The kids were given activity sheets to do, but weren’t given crayons. Thankfully I had a couple of pens in my bag to save the day.


We ordered drinks before choosing our meals and started looking over the menu’s. The children can enjoy 3 courses and a drink for only £6.50 and were over the moon to find they got a nacho starter and Isaac had us in stitches with his joke:

“What cheese isn’t yours?”

“Nat Cho Cheese!!!”

We decided to give the starter a miss, but the kids was so big we shared there’s in the end as they wouldn’t have eaten their dinner if they had polished all the nacho’s. They only got really small drinks as part of the deal though and had finished them well before the main course arrived.


We didn’t have too long to wait for the main courses to arrive. Sebby and Eliza had the crispy chicken and chips which was the perfect portion size for them. Isaac, who is normally the fussiest child I know, ordered a burrito, We did think that he wouldn’t eat it but he loved it and his plate was wiped clean by the time he had finished, well apart from the tomatoes that is.


Kian and Hubby went for an adults burrito which was also devoured


whilst I went for a slightly healthier option of a marinated steak salad.


I have to admit that I wasn’t too keen on mine as the baby corn was soggy and there were too many leaves but the standard of food of the other meals was good and with the exception of mine all the plates were cleared.

We were all full to bursting but the kids managed to find some room for their ice cream desserts.


Our experience of Chimichanga didn’t set the world on fire. The food was good if not great and the service once we were seated was efficient but not particularly friendly and it was pricey.

I would like to see refillable drinks offered, especially for the kids, although we did get a jug of tap water on the table after we had asked. Our drinks were the small 250ml bottles of coke / sprite which priced at £2.50 each isn’t enough to last a full meal. I have heard that their cocktails are amazing though.

I would like to try our local Chimichanga in Bournemouth to get a balanced view and see if the service is any better than it was in Cardiff.


17 thoughts on “Chimichanga Tex-Mex Restaurant Review

  1. We love Tex-Mex, haven’t been to a Chimichangas though, although have had a chimichanga at another Mexican restaurant 😀 Shame about the initial seating service, and the not so friendly service thereafter.

  2. It looks like our kind of place but it let itself down on the service aspects you mentioned in your post. Just shows how restaurants can’t afford to be off their game – you never know who is coming through the doors and what kind of following they may have on the internet! But I like the name of the place – it made me think of that scene in the movie ‘Meet The Fockers’ where he says join his answer-machine “I’m in the mood for a chimichanga!”

  3. I think that poor service is unforgivable. First impressions are so hard to get over. I really don;t have an issue with 250ml drinks. We always get one drink and then tap water. I think that I might be in the minority.

  4. There’s always room for dessert isn’t there?! But poor service is always so frustrating, especially when you’re with kids. (PS Like Jen we always get one drink and then tap water too!)

  5. Never been here before mainly because I always thought it would be too spicy for me but looking at the menu I think I would be alright so will definitely give it a go!

  6. I do love a good tex-mex especially burritos however I think the initial slow service maybe have tainted it for me. I’m a stickler for good service. The food looks delicious though x

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