A Dalek Invasion at Winchester Science Centre

This weekend we celebrated Isaac’s 9th birthday and booked a surprise day out for him.

Isaac is Doctor Who mad, so when I heard that a Dalek Invasion was coming to Winchester Science Centre, I knew it would be something we would all love to attend.

We dug out our Doctor Who costumes with Eliza choosing to go as the tenth doctor and Isaac deciding upon his Cyberman costume and set off for Winchester.

Winchester Science Centre

Once inside we were booked onto two Dr Who themed shows and then headed off to see Dr Who themed displays, hands-on science, strolling costumers from the Charity Dalek Squad and even got inside the TARDIS.

Tardis at Winchester Science Centre

All three kids were in their element as we spotted characters including the 4th, 5th, 7th, 11th Doctors, K9, Missy, Strax Sontaran, War Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness, a Silurian, the scary Foretold Mummy and UNIT soldiers who were roaming the venue…….

7th Doctor and K9

……and the Daleks of course!!


The first show of the experience was “Meet the Daleks” which was hosted by Captain Jack Harkness plus the 7th and 11th Doctors.

Winchester Science Centre

This show gave us the chance to find out more about the Daleks that had been roaming the Science Centre, who each answered questions from the audience. Be warned, never ask a Dalek how they go to the toilet!!

Captain Jack Harkness

The show was entertaining and funny and the kids loved watching the Daleks move and talk like they do on the TV show, although they were not quite brave enough to stand next to a moving talking one for a photo, so approach a Silurian instead.

Silurian Winchester Science Centre

The second show of the day was a Dr Who play, a light-hearted play with a confused 5th Doctor, UNIT, Captain Jack Harkness and the Daleks.

Dr Who Play

It was only about 15 minutes long but the kids loved and of course, the Doctor saved the day!!

Winchester Science Centre

We emerged to find more characters wandering around and headed of to play and learn with some of the equipment.

Winchester Science Centre

The kids loved the Little Big Room for its optical illusions, making them seem bigger than me and each other.

Winchester Science Centre

The face swap screen was a hit too!

Winchester Science Centre

On this visit to the Science Centre, we also discovered an area where had never seen before……….the garden.

Winchester Science Centre

There is a small play area with climbing equipment for the kids to climb on…..

Winchester Science Centre

….plus an experiments area with water play equipment that Sebby adored.

Winchester Science Centre

We played outside for some time as the weather was beautiful but made sure we were downstairs for the Dalek parade which was happening at 4.30pm.

Daleks at Winchester Science Centre

Everyone from the Charity Dalek Squad took part and the Daleks even took revenge on some boys that were taunting them with a brief demonstration of how they go to the toilet (water pistols to you and me).

Keep an eye on the Winchester Science Centre facebook page for upcoming events as they have them regularly and we enjoyed a Horrible Science day out there back in November.



19 thoughts on “A Dalek Invasion at Winchester Science Centre

  1. What fun! We have been meaning to pay a visit to Winchester Science Centre for the longest time it really does look like such a fab day out for all the family.

  2. Never mind the daleks look at that water play area woah!!!!! This looks so much fun. I wish we lived closer. It looks like they had an amazing day. I love the tardis photo. Bonus the sun was out!

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