Disney On Ice: Passport to Adventure

Ever since our trip to Walt Disney World in the summer the kids have lived, breathed and even dreamed everything Disney!

Old dusty DVD’s once loved by my older kids have been dug out and watched over and over again, our Disney CD in the car as been played to death and our subscription to the Disney Life app has been renewed.

They are desperate to re-visit Disney World, but sadly funds don’t allow so I booked the next best thing: Disney On Ice: Passport to Adventure which was being held at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham.

We managed to keep it a surprise until we were inside the arena and the kids faces when they found out they were seeing Disney On Ice was a real picture and the action starts with an appearance from the stars of the recent animation smash Zootropolis.

Disney On Ice

When Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Pluto skated on, the kids squealed in delight with Sebby exclaiming that Donald waved to him!

Disney On Ice

The first song of the show was It’s a Small World, one of the kids favourite rides at Walt Disney World and the rink was filled with skaters from countries all around the world. The song finished with London and we were hoping we would get some songs from Mary Poppins but we got Peter Pan instead, complete with flying, Captain Hook and the all important crocodile.

Disney On Ice

We did feel like Peter Pan went on a little too long, but things soon stepped up a gear with the arrival of Rafiki, Simba and Nala and the Lion King.

Disney On Ice

The second half was devoted to the Little Mermaid and Frozen which is always a crowd pleaser and you could hear the kids all singing along with their favourite songs.

Disney On Ice

If I am honest, much as the kids loved it, we have been to Disney On Ice every year for the last few years and it is getting a bit samey.

Disney On Ice

With the passport to adventure theme, I would love to have seen the addition of Moana, Mulan or even Merida to mix things up a bit.

Disney On Ice

Even our favourite, Olaf, and his summer song disappointed, as it wasn’t done with all the dancing flowers this time.

Disney On Ice

If you have not been to see Disney On Ice before, I am sure you will love it but if you have seen it in the last year or two, then I am afraid that this show is disappointing in comparison.

Disney On Ice: Passport to Adventure is on tour in the UK until 31st December 2017.



18 thoughts on “Disney On Ice: Passport to Adventure

  1. I went to see Disney on ice when I was younger and it was great, it looks like a really good night. However completely understand what you mean about it being samey again. I went to a few in a row and felt that too x

  2. I really want to take my Daughter to Disney on Ice. I keep checking the website and just waiting for funds.
    My Mum took us some years ago and I can still remember everything about it!

  3. It’s a shame you didn’t enjoy it this time around. They really should mix it up each year as I’m sure lots of families will go every year. Even though I’m not a kid I would love to see it for myself one day, there is something so magical about Disney isn’t there.

  4. Oh dear, it’s a shame you didn’t enjoy it. Perhaps it’s the kind of thing you should only watch a few times. I’d still love to take my little ones one day though!

  5. I’ve seen a few Disney on Ice shows but missed this one as it didn’t stop in my city but it’s such a breathtaking experience – we don’t have any kids in the family (I’m the kid… and I’m 22!) and everyone enjoys going to see it.

  6. I’ve heard so many good things about the Disney On Ices shows, and I know the tickets always sell out mega fast (especially the Christmas ones!). Disney isn’t really my thing though, and as I don’t have children to take yet, I don’t think I’ll be heading to a show any time soon LOL. But you never know 😉 x

  7. This looks just the kind of show any Disney freak would love this – myself included! But I agree – if it is a passport around the world include Moana, Merida and Mulan to get a nice mix of nationalities…and also mix up the choreography/numbers for those that wish to have a fresh show each time!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  8. I love Disney on Ice! I remember seeing it when I was younger, it’s so amazing seeing your fave characters dancing on ice. I wish I could skate like them, although I was no use lol.

  9. Disney are so good at what they do and know what works well when it comes to children. I would really like to take the boys to this next year. I think they would really enjoy it.

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