Easter fun at Sandbanks, Poole

Lets face it, the weather over the Easter holidays was pretty shabby for most of the country, with rain and even snow for some.

We tried not to let it stop us going out and having fun and on one such day, we did battle with the sea mist at Sandbanks beach in Poole.

Isaac and his friend were booked onto an activity day at Land & Wave, an activity centre based at Sandbanks which offers school holiday clubs where they get to do activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, jumbo paddle boarding, raft building, sports and team building for children aged 8 and over.

Land & Wave

I was keen to see what they got up to and Eliza needed to practice on her new bike, so we headed down to the promenade which is perfect for cycling and scooting practice.

Eliza Bike

She soon got the hang of having gears and was confidently changing up and down them, whilst Sebby raced around her on his scooter.

Sebby Microscooter

It wasn’t long before we spotted Isaac and his friend heading down onto the beach, carrying their equipment to start raft building.

Raft Building

They were all fully kitted out in wetsuits and life jackets, but it was clear they were cold as the instructors had them doing exercises to warm up. Eliza and Sebby didn’t seem to care about the chilly weather though and insisted on an ice cream as they watched them build the raft.

Ice Cream

I don’t think the temperature got above 10°C all day, but the kids were soon out on the water, testing how well their rafts floated.

Raft Building Land and Wave

Luckily they stayed afloat, although it did look a little precarious as it bobbed up and down over the waves and it wasn’t long before they brought it back onto the beach to take apart again, ready for their next adventure – giant paddle boards.

Giant Paddle Boards

By this time, the chill from the ice cream had kicked in, so we headed to the park to warm up.

Sandbanks Park

With the weather being so miserable we had the place to ourselves as we watched the kids from Land & Wave trek back to the hut with their raft bits and pieces.

Eliza park

We had spotted a bungee trampoline being set up on the beach when we arrived and Eliza was keen to see if it was set up and ready, so with no-one in the park to play with, we headed back to the beach.

Bungee Trampoline

Thankfully they were open and with it being so quiet, Eliza got to bounce for as long as she liked – she must have been on there for a good half an hour!!


Finally it was time for the kids to come out and try the paddleboards and I could tell Isaac was not keen to head back into the chilly water – thankfully the instructors are really encouraging and he got a piggy back to his friends.

Land and Wave Isaac

Once onboard they were playing games and pretending to be pirates and leaping into the chilly sea.


Isaac and his friends had an absolute blast out on the water.

Isaac paddleboard

We left them to it at this point, as they still had an afternoon of activities on land to enjoy and we were struggling to keep warm ourselves, but when we returned to pick them up at the end of the day, they were bouncing up and down with excitement over what they had done.

Isaac certificate

We will definitely be back, although hopefully during some nicer weather this time!!






9 thoughts on “Easter fun at Sandbanks, Poole

  1. Those little smiles say everything! <3 Well done, Isaac! Eliza looks so happy climbing those nets and Seb… gahhh he's such a honey!
    Also, I love Sandbanks – there's definitely more to it than the glitzy and glammy houses!

  2. Your kids are absolute troopers, there’s no way my boys would have been in that water (we live in Florida so they’re absolute wimps about cold water!) They look so happy and proud though, I bet it was all worth it. Oh, and I always loved those bungee things as a kid – kind of wish I had something like that set up in my back yard, I bet it’s great for burning calories!

  3. Easter break holiday wasn’t summer in my neck of the woods either but it seems that did not stop you all from having the best time

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