Forest Segway Experience with Go Ape!

How do you fancy getting off the beaten track for an hour of fun with a Forest Segway Experience from Go Ape?

Kian finally finished his GCSE’s this week which means he no longer has to go to school and we were keen to give him an experience he would enjoy after all his hard work in the past few weeks.

Back in March we visited Go Ape at Moors Valley to take part in their Tree Top Adventure. Whilst we were walking through the trees and hurtling down the ziplines we saw a group out on Segways and all remarked that it looked fun and that we would love to try it.

On Wednesday we got to explore the forest on the latest in green technology – a self-balancing, all-terrain, electric Segway but not without a safety briefing and training session first.


Hubby and Kian took to it likes ducks to water as they both snowboard and the leg action is very similar. I was a little more tentative and went round the training course more slowly then they did but it was actually easier than I had imagined. To make them move you relax your knees and push your feet downwards. Turning is easy, simply move the stick in the direction you want to go, which comes naturally if you look at the corner you are about to take.


A few laps later and it was time to begin our forest adventure. For the first part of the trip our Segway’s were limited to 6mph whilst we got used to riding them, but after 5 minutes we stopped and our instructors Rich and Fletcher took the limiters off, giving us a top speed of 12mph.

Go Ape Forest Segway

Of course the boys sped off into the distance with Fletcher whilst built up my confidence and speed more slowly, with Rich following behind to make sure I didn’t get into any trouble.

Go Ape Segway

As you can see from the pictures, the trails we followed were nice and wide and fairly flat so we could used to controlling the machine. The next challenge was negotiating hills which meant the Segway adjusted its position but we had to remain upright.

Once Rich and Fletcher were confident we had mastered the Segway it was time to explore the deep dark depths of the forest and do some more challenging courses.

Go Ape Segway

We followed narrow, bumpy trails which were a little more challenging, but great fun until we hit a particularly boggy part. The trick for getting through was to crawl slowly and keep your balance. Let’s just say I lost my balance, almost fell off and apparently did an impressive one hand, one leg manoeuvre, but, I rescued myself and managed to get out in one piece – those ballet lessons as a child obviously helped my balance!

Go Ape Segway

We spent an hour exploring areas of Moors Valley we hadn’t seen before, finding new play equipment to show the kids and annoying some dogs as we hurtled past.

Sadly it was raining for this experience but that just added to the fun although we would like to come back and do it when its dry as apparently there are a lot more trails that can be done but it was just too wet on our trip.

Forest Segway

To ride a Forest Segway you need to be over 7 stone and 10 years old to make sure the Segway gyroscopes keep their balance. Sensible clothing is also recommended and NO open toe shoes!

We had a totally unforgettable forest trail experience and even given a certificate afterwards to prove it!

Disclaimer: We were guests of Go Ape for their Forest Segway Experience, all opinions are our own.


23 thoughts on “Forest Segway Experience with Go Ape!

  1. I love go ape! They have some amazing activities, I can’t wait to see what they’ll think of next. It’s the most simplistic idea, like a walk through a forest (but on segways) or just trampolining but they seem to find a way of getting the most out of any activity!

    I’ve not been on a segway before but I love the idea of going on one through a forest! 🙂

  2. Oh what a treat and a great way to finish GCSE’s for Kian. I’ve never tried a Sedgeway but I’m rather excited by the speed they do, I should think 12mph on one of those in the forest feels pretty speedy! such a shame it was raining for you but a great adventure none the less.

    Thank you for sharing with me at #CountryKids

  3. This looks so much fun. We were supposed to do this a year or so ago but the company who we booked with disappeared with our money so we never got our experience but we definitely hope to do it at some point.

  4. I did a segway tour once in florida, it was so much fun! It was a while back but it was really memorable, we actually got to see a space launch 🙂

  5. This looks fab, I have always wanted to have a go on a Segway but am a bit nervous about it. They look easy but hmm, i’m still a bit skeptical, the trail looks beautiful and what a way to get round a wonderful location.

  6. OMG didn’t you just LOVE the segway? We did something like this last year and although we were tentative at first, we soon got into the swing like you! It was so much fun – a really nice way to spend an afternoon with the family doing something a bit different!

  7. These are great. I paid for my husband and uncle to have a go (I’m too chicken!) and they had a fantastic time, despite falling off!!


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