Gourmet Burger Kitchen Southampton Review

I had never heard of Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) until Hubby took the kids to Birmingham to watch WWE Live and had a pre-show meal in one of their branches.

Upon his return home he did nothing but sing their praises so when we headed to Southampton to watch Mary Poppins the Musical it was the restaurant he was determined to take me to.

GBK was first set up back in 2001, by three Kiwi guys including world-renowned chef Peter Gordon in Battersea, South London, changing the UK burger scene forever. Now they have over 70 restaurants across the UK, priding themselves on serving up a variety of handcrafted burgers, combining 100% prime beef with the freshest ingredients and burger sauces made from scratch, every day, in each GBK kitchen.

The GBK menu is packed full of burger combinations of beef or chicken, although they also offer vegetarian and salad options and choosing what do have was the only difficulty. The restaurant set up is set up so that you order at the bar and then the food is brought out to you and I was surprised at how quickly the food came out.

Taxi Driver

Both Hubby and I both went for the Taxi Driver which consisted of American cheese, house onion ring, Cajun relish, smoked chilli mayo, dill pickle, and salad. Side dishes cost extra and whilst I went for skinny fries, Hubby chastised me for not choosing the sweet potato option with their baconnaise and after trying it I kicked myself as it was amazing.

Sweet Potato Fries

The food burger was like nothing I have tasted before and delicious. The burgers were so huge that you had to eat them with a knife and fork and I recommend you leave the spike in to hold it all together as you go.

The whole restaurant ambience was great and the service was excellent with the staff attentive but not over-the-top. I loved the decor, especially the scrabble tiles signs and price wise, our meals were very reasonable and if you do choose to take the family, children’s meals cost £6.95.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

GBK also have an app that you are urged to download and to welcome you, they load a free homemade Baconnaise sauce on to your app. Spend £7 or more, present your customer I.D. when ordering and the stamp appears. When you ten visit the challenge section of your app you see your step-by-step stamp card, showing your progress towards your rewards – free burgers, milkshakes & sides – certainly worth doing if you have a GBK locally.


We will certainly visit GBK again, my only grumble is that we have to travel all the way to Southampton to do so!

Have you eaten in GBK before?

12 thoughts on “Gourmet Burger Kitchen Southampton Review

  1. We have one of these near us in Guildford but do you know, I’ve never been! I think I might have to now, it looks utterly delicious!!! Oh crikey, I’m so hungry right now and that food looked amazing…as did the Gin on the bar! 😉
    Glad you had a lovely time!x

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