Grisnoir Guest House, Guernsey – Review

On our way back from France we decided to make a stop to explore the island of Guernsey and booked to stay overnight in the Grisnoir Guest House.

We arrived very late as our Ferry had been cancelled due to bad weather and we had to take the Condor Clipper and although it was relatively easy to find, the doors were locked when we got there. I attempted to phone them with no answer and was starting to get worried when I spotted a sign saying check-in was at the Abbey Court Hotel 60 yards down the road. I feel this information should have been clear on the website when we booked.

We checked-in and parked at the Abbey Court Hotel and the receptionist advised us that breakfast would be in the hotel before showing us to our rooms.

Grisnoir Guest House

We booked two family rooms as there were six of us staying and one had three single beds and an en-suite on the ground floor and the second room had a double and two single beds on the first floor with access to a shared bathroom. Both rooms were clean, tidy and warm and came with plenty of towels, tea / coffee making facilities and a small TV.

Grisnoir Hotel

If I am honest we were still all feeling a little green after a couple of hours out at sea and couldn’t wait to climb into bed and go to sleep. Isaac and Kian shared the downstairs room and Hubby and I had Eliza and Sebby in with us.

Grisnoir Hotel

The Grisnoir Guest House has free wifi which was really strong and meant I could keep the kids quiet in the morning with the iPads whilst everyone got showered and dressed.

Grisnoir Guest House

Hubby went downstairs to Kian and Isaac’s room to have a shower, although there was a shower room upstairs.

Grisnoir Guest House

Upstairs I gave Sebastian and Eliza a bath as we had only had a shower where we stayed in France.

Grisnoir Guest House

I am not sure how many people were staying in the Guest House, but we had no issues with queuing for the bathroom or people needing to get in.

All showered and dressed, we headed around the corner for our breakfast and found that the small dining room was packed full, with nowhere to sit. Thankfully it wasn’t too long a waitΒ to be seated and Hubby, Kian and I had a full english breakfast and the kids enjoyed cereal, pastries and toast.

Grisnoir Guest House

All in all it was a comfortable stay, although not ideal having to walk in the rain to go for breakfast. If you are travelling with young children or have mobility issues it is worth mentioning that there are a lot of stairs in the property, with steps leading up to the front door and stairs and fire doors to negotiate inside.

Grisnoir Guest House

The rooms cost us Β£63 each which I thought was very reasonable. I would have prefered to be opposite or next door to Kian and Isaac however there was enough beds that Hubby could have slept downstairs with them if need be.

We checked out with no problems and headed off to explore Guernsey.

28 thoughts on “Grisnoir Guest House, Guernsey – Review

  1. Glad that you managed to get in after a long journey. They definitely should have made it clearer on the website where u need to sign in. The place looks good though.

  2. The lengths I go for for an English breakfast nowadays, I would even have dealt with a walk in the rain! Guernsey sounds lovely, need to add it to my very long list! πŸ™‚

  3. That looks like a very “handsome” building. I do like white crips linen. To me they just so clean and pristine πŸ˜‰ Oh and I’m also a big fan of the full English breakfast, although admittedly after consuming one, I always feel the need to walk it off.

  4. Β£63 for a room is really reasonable! One of the first things I look for in a hotel (after the price) is if there is any detail about the wifi, so it’s great to hear that this hotel has strong wifi.

  5. What a terrible system for checking in! This should have been made really clear so as to avoid confusion, but glad you got it sorted. The hotel itself looks lovely though.

  6. Bad system for the checking in but good on the Wi-Fi front. I can’t believe how bad or non-existent it is in some hotels still. I’m impressed it had a proper family room with separate beds as I’ve been offered bunk beds before and I know mine would fall out of them!

  7. I loathe it when you have to trundle around checking in somewhere especially when you’ve had a fair bit of travelling before hand. I hope you fed back that it would be helpful if they made this more obvious. Glad you all settled in though and it looks nice and roomy at a reasonable price

  8. Well your little lad looked comfortable on that bed πŸ™‚ The place looks nice and I guess more than what you’d expect for that price. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your time in Guernsey.

  9. Sounds like a decent guest house, with plenty of room to rest. I am sure the breakfast arrangements were set in place due to the lack of customers during the winter months but they should have made it clearer for you, especially since they knew you were travelling with small children.xx

  10. We had a similar experience with the check-in at a hotel in Paris. We had to go to a completely different nearby hotel to get keys. Seeing as it was 1am, I wasn’t happy. We just wanted to get to our beds, so I feel your unhappiness with this. That aside, it looks like it met your needs, which is good enough πŸ™‚

  11. That’s a good price for a guest house although I’m not sure what the going rate is in Guernsey! We’d like to go one day. Those beds look super comfy and must have been a welcome relief after the journey there. Sounds like you all had such a fab week away x

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