Harry Paye Day June 2016

Avast me harties!  Tis time for land lubbers to dig out yer eye patch, earring and cutlass for Poole’s annual celebration of its favourite pirate son Harry Paye.

Harry Paye Day is an annual event where the townsfolk of Poole and many from across the lands don their Pirate outfits and celebrate the day Harry Paye took revenge for the attack on Poole back in 1405.

Harry Paye Day

Organised by the Pirates of Poole and supported by Poole Tourism, this is one of the local highlights of our year and starts with a blast of cannons, followed by a parade of Pirates along Poole Quay.  Visitors also got the chance to watch cannon and musket displays followed by belly dancers, or tried their luck on the traditional Aunt Sally stall.

Harry Paye Day

The streets were busy, the pubs were full and there were a few stalls dotted about selling pirate themed goodies, or offering the chance to win a treat, with all money raised going to local Poole charities.

Tracie Bears

There were three live bands playing throughout the day and the kids had fun dancing along to Spider Pig.

Harry Paye Day

I have to admit we were a little disappointed as there was a lot less to see and do than there had been in previous years, although the kids were over the moon to be allowed to clamber onboard a Fire Engine.

Fire Engine

There were a few people, other than those that took part in the parade, in fancy dress that really got involved in the pirate atmosphere with pirate conversations and banter but overall there was just not enough going on to keep us there for more than an hour.

Harry Paye Day

Disappointed, we left the quay behind and headed back along the path towards Baiter Park.

Harry Paye Day

The great thing about where we live though, is it is by the water and the kids love nothing more than paddling or throwing stones and seeing who can make the biggest ‘plop’ or skim the farthest.

Poole Harbour

Despite being a gloomy day, the water was still and unbelievably clear, meaning we could spot fish and crabs going about their business below the waterline.

Poole Harbour

It may not have been the day out we had planned but we had lots of fun wandering along the harbourside, watching the boats and the wildlife.

Poole Harbour

Fingers crossed the event is back to its best next year.

Have you been to a local event recently?

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21 thoughts on “Harry Paye Day June 2016

  1. Oh wow, this makes me so jealous as i’d love to live near the sea. We are pretty much as far away from the sea as you can get here in Nottingham. I love local events like this, such a great way to get children involved in heritage and passing on knowledge of the past, it’s just a shame it wasn’t as good as previous years. I think the harbour side and stone throwing would more than make up for it though.

  2. Your kids are so very cute! I have been to a nice music festival in the park and can’t wait for the summer street parties to begin here. It is also San Joan on friday so can’t wait (catalan fireworks day!)

  3. This looks like such a fun event to take part in! T will love this even though she’s outgrown her pirate stage. I think even the grown ups will love it too. And I’m glad in spite the grey clouds hovering, it stayed dry.

  4. This looks like a fun day out. I’ve never heard of it. We haven’t been to a local event for a while. We seem to be away everytime our area has one x

  5. This sounds like such a crazy fun tradition! At least the kids had fun with the fire engine, even if the celebrations weren’t as grand as previous years x

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