Horrible Histories: The Best of Barmy Britain this May half term at Hampton Court Palace

We have seen Horrible Histories on stage a few times, from Camp Bestival to our local Lighthouse Theatre and this May half term join Historic Royal Palaces at Hampton Court Palace, as gruesome characters and terrible tales are brought to life in Horrible Histories’ The Best of Barmy Britain. From battling Boudicca to highwayman Dick Turpin and the putrid plague, dive into the most ghastly parts of British history in the palatial gardens of Henry VIII’s former home.

Best of Barmy Britain

Presented by The Birmingham Stage Company- the producers of Terrible Tudors- The Best of Barmy Britain promises to uncover centuries of bloody history – from horrible Henry and his wives to the ‘quirky Queen Vicky’- perfect for those with a thirst for all things awful and amusing.

Learn how Catherine Parr survived the horrors of Henry VIII’s putrid ulcers, and find out the fate of Henry’s other five wives. From the bodysnatchers Burke and Hare – who dug up graveyards at night – to the plotting of Guy Fawkes, sort out the facts from the fables right where generations of royal drama unfolded. See Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni tribe – also known as the ‘Spartan dressed in Tartan’ – who fought against the Romans when they took what was hers! Learn about what made her a barmy British ruler and kick-started the legend of big, bad Boudicca.

Horrible Histories

Ever wondered how many heads Henry VIII cut off or how the executioners were paid? Horrible Histories offers the chance to discover all this and more, through live drama, fanfare and song. What punishment will Parliament pick for gunpowder Guy and who else was involved in his foiled plot? What makes the dastardly Dick Turpin so dastardly? With stories as barmy as these, it’s no wonder heads are dropping off!

The show runs for one hour and is an outdoor performance in the palace gardens, with guests encouraged to bring a blanket and food for the ultimate historical picnic in the grounds of Henry VIII’s pleasure palace.

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  1. I am such a huge fan of Horrible Histories. My son loved them, and i can’t wait for the girls to get bigger and go and see some of the shows. This sounds like a great venue

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