La Cinéscénie at Puy Du Fou – Review

Puy du Fou is like no attraction I have even witnessed and, if I am honest, I am still struggling to put into words how awesome it is.

The shows are literally ‘out of this world’ and will have you questioning yourself about how they pull off some of their amazing stunts and tricks.

There was not one show that didn’t impress me and I loved them all, but throughout our visit we were told “Just wait for La Cinéscénie“.

La Cinéscénie costs an extra €27 on top of park admission, although you can get this discounted if you buy it as a combined ticket, but it is well worth it, although I would not recommend it for young children as it is staged very late in the evening – not starting until 10pm and finishing just after midnight and you enter the stands via a football stadium like entrance.

La Cinéscénie has been seen by over 11 million spectators and involves 2,400 volunteers / actors called Puyfolais, on a stage spread over 23 hectares with a staggering 28,000 costumes and shows on Friday and Saturday nights, from the beginning of June to the beginning September.

La Cinéscénie audience

All the shows at Puy du Fou are based on French history and in particular, the history of the region of Vendee and La Cinéscénie is no exception.

La Cinéscénie tells the story of the Maupillier family from the Middle Ages through to the Second World War. It starts with a family sitting around a table who tell their son that the eldest Maupillier son is always called Jacques, which leads the young boy on an adventure back in time to follow the adventures of his namesakes.

La Cinéscénie

As with all their shows, there is a great mix of animals and actors and from the start you start questioning ‘how do they do that?’.

I used the Puy du Fou app on my phone to listen to the translation to English, but most of the people I was with, just drank in the spectacle as you could follow the story by watching the action unfold in front of you.

La Cinéscénie Puy du Fou

Because of the size of the set, it is difficult to know where to look as the action is taking place all around you and I should imagine you could watch it several times and see something different every time. Not only are there the actors and the animals to watch, but also projections, fountains, fire, lights and more.

La Cinéscénie Puy du Fou Night

Puy du Fou have also recently introduced 50 drones to the performance, taking the Cinéscénie stage into the sky, adding a third dimension to the show.


The result is an awe-inspiring spectacle that is second to none, taking you on an emotional historical journey like no other.


Top Tips for La Cinéscénie

  1. Photography is tricky as it’s too dark for the camera so leave it behind and take it all in without worrying about getting the perfect shot
  2. Take a jumper – the show doesn’t start until gone 10pm and finished after midnight and it gets chilly
  3. Take a waterproof jacket – it’s all set outdoors and will go ahead even if it rains
  4. There is no interval, so have a ‘comfort stop’ before the performance begins, it is very dark and fellow audience members won’t appreciate getting up for you during the show
  5. Alcoholic refreshments are available, but I recommend taking a bottle of water to keep hydrated

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We do have an English equivalent that I would love to go and see in Durham. Check out Kynren here.

Thank you to BritMums and Puy du Fou for hosting this press trip for the purpose of this review.


23 thoughts on “La Cinéscénie at Puy Du Fou – Review

  1. Wow this looks incredible. I love the setting, the vibrant lights and performers. We have just come back from France I love the country and culture I would love to attend this,

  2. It really takes 2 days to see most of the shows and the forest and gardens in the 125 acre park. They have successfully rebuilt some middle-age settlements and villages and you get a chance to watch some of the ‘settlers’ perform their chores. Puy du Fou is truly one of those stops you must make in the heart of the Vendée region of Western France.

  3. This sounds like an amazing show, a once in a lifetime experience. It’s amazing that the action takes place on so many levels, including the sky! I’d love to see the Cinescenie one day!

  4. Wow! What an amazing show and unforgettable experience. It’s very interesting how animals and people are part of it. Would love to watch it one day!

  5. What an incredible show, I love stuff like this. I love that they have an app to translate it for you as well as the action being so well portrayed that you don’t have to use it

  6. This sounds and looks like such a phenomenal event! Although I would struggle staying awake after 10 (I’m such an early to bed girl).

    C x

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