LEGO Sea Explorers at Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park

Calling all LEGO fans!

Until 2nd June 2019, you can get creative with the LEGO Sea Explorers at Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park.

Weymouth Sea Life Centre

Running alongside their Jawsome Sharks event, the LEGO Sea Explorers is a brand-new interactive mission which has been set up in the marquee close to the splash park area.

Weymouth Sea Life Centre

The kids were given a sheet when we arrived which invited them to take the five creative LEGO challenges, including colouring in exciting underwater scenes; creating LEGO sea creatures; and helping the dive crew unravel the marine mix-ups by unscrambling underwater words.

Weymouth Sea Life Centre

The fun and interactive pods in the LEGO zone are full of fun facts about the ocean’s most exciting creatures, including sharks, octopuses, starfish, crabs and seahorses.

Weymouth Sea Life Centre

For LEGO building fans there are also two large LEGO brick pits, perfect for creating their own sea creatures or underwater world.

Weymouth Sea Life Centre

For those not keen on building LEGO, there is also LEGO programs being shown on a flat screen TV to keep the kids entertained.

Weymouth Sea Life Centre

Once the trainees find all the key facts and hand in their completed fact sheet, are awarded with a limited-edition LEGO Dive Team pop-badge to prove their knowledge and make them an official member of the Sea Explorers team.

Weymouth Sea Life Centre

Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park is a great day out for all the family, with plenty to see and do, including the rockpool zone where you can get up close and personal with crabs and starfish.

Weymouth Sea Life Centre

During our visit we were also excited to see the newly opened, refurbished Turtle Sanctuary which has been given a whole new lease of life.

Turtle Sanctuary

Not only do the turtles have bright and sparkling new enclosures to enjoy, but there is also lots of interactive information boards for the kids to engage with about saving our oceans and their inhabitants.

Weymouth Sea Life Centre

Some of the facts on display were not only shocking, but surprising to me too, so I will definitely be changing our shopping habits going forward.

Weymouth Sea Life Centre

There was also a fun board about what to do, and not to do, if you find an injured sea animal.

Weymouth Sea Life Centre

Another highlight of any visit to Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park is their adorable Fairy Penguins.

Weymouth Sea Life Centre

When the kids want to stretch their legs, they can choose from the Caribbean Cove Adventure Play area or, if it is warm enough, the outside splash zone.

Weymouth Sea Life Centre

Pay once and visit all year with their new Season Pass offer – head to for details, or, if you want to visit for the day – Weymouth Morrisons supermarket currently has 50% off vouchers at all their checkouts!!

Disclaimer: We are Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park Ambassadors. All thoughts and opinions are our own

20 thoughts on “LEGO Sea Explorers at Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park

  1. I love this for the kids, and for me! Lego is something I find everyone can enjoy, and your kids really seem to be loving it too.

  2. I love lego even as an adult so this looks like lots of fun, sea life centres are such lovely days out x

  3. Any child should play lego as this is one of the most recommended toys ever. It is educational and helps to spark up children’s imagination. We have a Legoland here but we do not have the sea creature.

  4. Fun, hands on, science, animals . . . this checks all of our family boxes. Will definitely give this place a try when we are nearby. Looks like your crew had a great time there.

  5. Oh my goodness, everything here is so hands on! I wish my mom would’ve been this adventurous when I was a child. Like we went to the museum and the aquarium but I love that you’re taking your kids to even more incredible locations that are educational and fun at the same time!

  6. This must be a great place to have fun and excitement activities with my kids. Wishing that we have this place in our area.

  7. Wow, this place looks incredible. There’s so much to do and see there! Looks like a brilliant place to take the whole family

  8. This park is awesome! I had no idea there was a Sea life Lego themed park, and I’m already looking to visit with my children soon!

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