Milton Jones is Out There Tour – Bournemouth

Hubby and I love our comedy shows and one of our favourites has to be Mock the Week.

It was on here that we were introduced to Milton Jones, king of play-on-words jokes and one liners, and we have been lucky to see him on twice before, once on tour and again at Camp Bestival.

Last week he was back in Bournemouth and we were lucky enough to see him again.

Milton Jones

Milton Jones started the show literally dressed as Great Britain and much of the first half was loosely based on broken Britain with some Brexit-inspired jokes and astute political comments that had the audience in stitches.

It was then the turn of his support act, Chris Stokes, to entertain us for half an hour who offered a different type of comedy but was nonetheless very entertaining and Milton referred back to a couple of his jokes in the second half which made the set even more entertaining.

As soon as Milton was back on stage, his witty, ingenious puns were soon flying out of his mouth. Some took a moment to understand, and they’re all the funnier for it – especially when a fellow audience member seemed to get them much, much later, roaring with laughter halfway into the next joke and stopping Milton in dead his tracks.

Milton Jones

You certainly cannot beat Milton to the punchline and his his trickery with language is second-to-none, with how-does-he-think-of-that lines flowing constantly out of his mouth. The show is aided along with a few scribbled cartoons, some random props and some staged publicist phone calls as she attempts to set him up with various random interviews to plug this very tour.

Milton Jones

His deadpan style of delivery catches you off-guard and has you grinning from ear to ear, with genuinely laugh-out-loud moments throughout the show. There was a particularly hilarious conversation between different country’s flags, plucked out of a wheely bin, which was a definite highlight of the show and at the end he asks the audience suggestions for topics which produced some hilarious results.

Who else would describe his wife’s disappointment, after they spent 20 minutes looking at trees in a Somerset orchard, when she realised it wasn’t the apple watch she had anticipated?

You can find tour dates for Milton Jones Is Out There here.


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