New Forest Fairy Festival 2018

Back in August 2016 we visited the New Forest Fairy Festival for the first time and the kids fell in love with this eclectic event.

Sadly we missed it last year as were away, but I promised Eliza I would take her again this year before we dropped Isaac at Cup Camp in the New Forest.

The New Forest Fairy Festival is held in Burley, New Forest and is a weekend packed with entertainment and workshops for the whole family everyone is positively encouraged to dress in your finery and take part in the fancy dress competitions that are held on both days.

Tracie Bears

This year we made more of an effort with dressing up and Sebby was persuaded to go as Peter Pan and Eliza was a mermaid fairy, with huge wings that she loved to flap.

Mermaid Fairy

The festival is held over a whole weekend and is packed full of entertainment and workshops for the whole family, including handmade arts and crafts to help discover the magic of nature.

Tree Man

Despite a dry weather forecast, sadly the weather imps conspired against us and we got caught up in some torrential downpours which meant that many of the activities were forced inside tents and under gazebo’s which really limited what you could do as they were packed.

Unicorn Painting

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the story telling sessions and sat inside the tents as us Mum’s and Dad’s stood outside getting wet and then we found a stand where we could paint and glitter porcelain figures.


In between breaks in the rain we tried our hand at some circus skills, which included balancing, stilt walking, hula hoops etc

Circus Skills

We also found some bubbles to chase, although the wind took them off beyond our reach.


Eliza and Sebby were both keen to take part in the fancy dress parade despite the rain.

Fairy Festival

Sadly they didn’t win, but loved taking part, especially in the dance off.

Fairy Festival Fancy Dress

During another dry spell we got to take part in a free wand making session, an activity they loved as they were soon casting spells over everyone.

Fairy Festival wand making

I have to admit that we didn’t enjoy is as much this year, and there didn’t appear to be as much to do, but that was probably because rain stopped play and we just were not prepared for it.

The New Forest Fairy Festival costs £10 per adult, £5 per child with children aged 5 and under £1.



22 thoughts on “New Forest Fairy Festival 2018

  1. It’s a shame the weather was against you because it sounds like it could be a very good family festival. It’s also very reasonably priced, much more do than others I’ve read about. Their outfits are great, especially those fairy wings! And I’d have loved the wand making activity!

  2. Sounds like such an incredible festival and seems like you guys had a lovely time. It is not one I am familiar with but its a festival I would love to attend.

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