What to pack for a holiday to Lapland

Visiting Lapland with the kids to meet Father Christmas has been top of my bucket list for the last few years.

It is recommended not to take babies and toddlers as the weather is extremely cold outside, generally around -12ᶜ and sometimes as low as -30ᶜ this time of year, so we have been waiting until Sebastian is old enough to enjoy it too.


If you are travelling to Lapland with an organised tour they may provide some of your kit, including a thermal outer-suit made for Arctic conditions, cosy woollen socks, snow-boots, outer gloves and a hat.

The key to keeping warm in arctic temperatures is to layer up, but getting those layers right is key.

What clothing to pack for Lapland:

Thermal Base Layer: A base layer is your first line of defence against the cold. Base layers are designed to regulate your body temperature and should be close fitting to trap a thin layer of warm air against your skin. A base layer will also ‘wick’ away perspiration from the skin to keep you dry. If you get the base layer right you are much more likely to stay warm in sub zero temperatures and it is wise not to opt for cheap and cheerful. Sub Zero make a great range of thermal tops and leggings, for both adults and children, with a seamless body form and stretch rib zones for support and waffle zones for enhanced heat retention and greater perspiration control.


Mid-Layer: On top of your base layer, an effective mid layer will provide great insulation by working hand in hand with your base layer to trap air between layers, resulting in enhanced warmth and comfort. Microfleece is an ideal mid layer for kids, as it is lightweight and highly breathable. Warmth without weight is important, especially during active use, and fleece is ideal for keeping them warm without restricting their movement.

Trousers: Avoid jeans as these can be very uncomfortable under the snow suits. Warm, fleece tracksuit bottoms are ideal

Regular Socks: A pair for each day of your stay

Woollen Socks: To wear over regular socks to ensure your feet stay toastie and warm

Gloves: Waterproof gloves or mittens to wear under the ones provided will ensure your hands are kept warm when throwing snowballs, building a snowman or petting the reindeer and huskies.

Balaclava: A tip from my friend that went last year is to invest in a balaclava. Not only does it keep your face and neck warm, but it also helps protect you during a husky sled ride. Apparently they don’t stop to go to the loo, but just do it as they run, so double protection!


Hat: The ideal hat is made from polyester fleece that repels water and protects against the wind around the ears but allows moisture to evaporate through the crown.

Footwear: Walking boots or similar with a decent grip for travel, as when you leave the plane you will be walking on compacted snow.

What extra’s to pack for Lapland


Camera and Charger: The cold can make the camera battery run out very quickly, so make sure you take the charger and re-charge every night.

Handwarmers: Our handwarmers were a godsend in Scotland last year after playing in the snow and are perfect for warming little fingers if they get cold.

Skin Care: The wind can chap your face and lips, it is a good idea to use lip balm and moisturiser before you go out, but avoid ones with a water base as this can freeze.

Snacks: A good supply of high energy snacks or biscuits and treats to keep the kids going.

Have you visited Lapland in the winter – is there anything else you would recommend?

What to pack for a holiday to Lapland

20 thoughts on “What to pack for a holiday to Lapland

  1. What an amazing experience – definitely something I want to do when my son is older. It’s handy to know what to pack and a good tip about the skin care in the cold.

  2. Guess an electric blanket is out of the question?
    I never thought of the dogs taking a whizzer while they are running,so yes,a face shield would be vitally important!!

  3. Visiting Lapland to meet Father Christmas is top of our bucket list too and we’re determined to do it next year while the magic is still alive! For the meantime we’ll do the second best which is LaplandUK 😉 xx

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