A Romantic Zip for Two!

Back in December we were invited to have a night off by Mamas and Papas and enjoy an evening out on them as part of their #MandPNightOff campaign. We were booked to do the Zip Line on Bournemouth Pier followed by dinner at Aruba, but sadly the weather had other ideas and the Zip Line had to be postponed.

The Pier Zip on Bournemouth Pier is the world’s first pier to shore zip wire experience with a launch tower towering high above the sea, giving an exhilarating “zip surf” over the waves to the beach.

Climb the Launch Tower which reaches a height of 60ft (approx 18 metres) above the sea. From here you take a leap of faith and step off to experience an exhilarating 820ft (250 metres) ‘zip surf’ over the waves and the Dual zip line means you can ride with friends, family or loved ones and challenge them with a race to the beach!

Bournemouth Pier

This weekend the weather was playing ball and although we wanted to do a night zip in the dark, they closed at 5pm so we settled for an afternoon flight.

We booked in and got kitted up with safety harnesses and helmets before climbing the tower, waving to the kids below who were watching with Nanny.


The Launch Tower doesn’t look very high but we were both out of breath by the time we reached the top. The staff member then took us through some safety advice whilst he attached us to the zip line itself. Once we were both ready it was time to launch……..

“Allons Y”


Reaching speeds of around 30mph it is an exhilarating ride over the Pier and sea to the beach and is great fun to do.

Thank you to Mamas and Papas for our PierZip adventure.

Every parent deserves a night off every now and again, so if you are struggling for the perfect present for Mothers Day, Valentines Day or Birthday for a friend or relative with a family, why not get them a Mamas & Papas Babysitting Voucher (plus it’s free). There’s nothing better than knowing the little ones are safe and sound with a loved one, so you are offering them the best present of them all – an evening off where they can go out and relax, have fun, or just get some sleep!




31 thoughts on “A Romantic Zip for Two!

  1. This looks brilliant – bet your heart was raising there! I love a good zip slide – will have to try this one next time we are in Bournemouth! I agree that a night out together is definitely needed every now and again and to try something different like this is perfect! Hubbie and I went to go ape a few years ago and I think taking risk together is great fun! x

  2. What a great date, it sounds like so much fun. I am a bit of a wimp but knowing I could do it with my hubby would make me give it a go. Sounds like a lot of fun. I totally agree we all deserve some couple time or a night off every now and again.

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