Running through Bluebells

One of the memories that stand out from my childhood was running through bluebells in a wood near Arundel and picking some to take home to my Mum. These days picking bluebells is prohibited but I still wanted to take the kids to experience the stunning carpet of blue that these magical flowers create.

I have seen many local photographers raving about Bluebell Wood at Pamphill on facebook over the last couple of weeks and I just had to visit before they all disappeared.


Bluebell Wood is set on the Kingston Lacy estate in Dorset and we parked at Pamphill Green and took the short walk down a country path to the wood, which is gated off making it easier to find. You could see the blue from the path but nothing prepared us for the sheer amount of bluebells that were on display – it was a real “WOW” moment and the smell was fantastic too.

Bluebell Wood

There is something about being set free that the kids love and they were soon racing around, finding sticks, climbing fallen trees and making up fairy stories.

Bluebell Wood

The deeper into the wood we walked, the thicker the carpet of bluebells became and the kids were delighted by butterflies and dragonflies that were darting around.

Bluebell Wood

What I loved about the wood is that it is completely untouched by humans. Fallen trees were left where they had fallen, creating balance beams for the kids to try to walk across and make-shift seats when they wanted to sit down for a rest.

Bluebell Wood

I nearly lost Eliza at one point as she sat down to play with her dolls and was almost completely hidden by the flowers.

Bluebell Wood

Bluebell wood itself is a coppiced broad leaf woodland, packed full of Oak trees and perfect for a country walk any time of the year. Sebastian was fascinated by acorn shells and had a pocket full by the end of the day.

Bluebell Wood

This is an area we have not explored before but we will certainly be back as there are several walks we can try, some right by the River Stour which I imagine will be beautiful.

Bluebell Wood

Have you checked out your local Bluebells yet?


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28 thoughts on “Running through Bluebells

  1. I have many happy memories as a child of picnics spent in bluebell woods with my Mum and my Aunty. They were so close when we were younger and we did it a lot with my cousins.

  2. These photos are so pretty Eliza and Sebastian look stunning framed in purple. The bluebells look so densely packed and what a perfect day you chose to visit. This really is nature at its best. Our bluebells are about in force too and we have been enjoying a spot of goat walking there with Queenie . Thank you for joining me with your lovely photos for #CountryKids.

  3. This place looks beautiful, we love going out and exploring nature and this looks just perfect. We have heard of a place near us where bluebells grow we are yet to find it though,time to go exploring :).

  4. Beautiful photos and memories. We have lovely areas of bluebells near us – i have not ventured out to them but i do have quite a few clusters in my Garden. I picked some today to put on the dining room table! x

  5. Such beautiful pictures Kara, I just love bluebells. Your little ones look like they had a fabulous time and how wonderful that the wood is untouched by humans too, makes it all the more special.

  6. These pictures are stunning. I agree kids just love to be set free. We’ve visited our local bluebell field but it’s very wooded so not a lot of light gets through to make beautiful pics x

  7. Oh my goodness what beautiful pictures you really do have a skill and it help when your picture your sweet little ones. A lovely family day x

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