Are you really covered if you Breakdown with cover from your Bank?


If you follow my other blog you will know that this week we had to cancel our holiday as our car broke down on the side of the A30 in Devon. I bank with the Halifax who offer UK breakdown cover with their ultimate reward current account and was always confident that I had cover in case of an emergency such as this, but, along with hundreds of other people I discovered that my cover was not worth the paper it was written on. The service with my bank includes: Roadside assistance for mechanical breakdown. Home service. Recovery of the vehicle, driver,… Continue Reading “Are you really covered if you Breakdown with cover from your Bank?”

Is your car ready for winter?

Car Kit

It’s coming up to that time of year now, where the roads are becoming increasingly harder to navigate because of rain, ice, wind and lately, even fog! At the weekend I was happily motoring up the M3 on the way to LaplandUK and the wind was so strong it literally ripped the wiper blade off my car which was a bit of a scary experience. Thankfully we were only a few miles from our destination and it wasn’t raining, just the spray from the road,  so we managed to get there safely and find the local Halfords to replace it.… Continue Reading “Is your car ready for winter?”