Packing Light with a Family


As a family who travel regularly with 4 of our children, we often find that space is at a premium, so packing light is essential. We have a seven seater car and with one of the seats up in the boot, you can imagine that squeezing in all the paraphernalia that comes with travelling with kids can be a challenge and we are often faced with a spot of car jenga. In order to squeeze everyone and everything we need into the car we utilise every single bit of space we can find in the car. Thankfully the kids are still… Continue Reading “Packing Light with a Family”

What to do if you breakdown in your car!


salvage valueLast week I broke down on the side of a busy ‘A’ road and I have to admit it was one of the scariest experiences of my life as the car literally shook as lorries thundered past. I am just thankful that my common sense kicked in and I got the kids out of the car and put them high up on the bank, out-of-the-way of danger as I later found out from a police officer that hundreds of people die each year by staying in their car and it getting hit. After posting about my car breaking down… Continue Reading “What to do if you breakdown in your car!”