My Top 10 Posts of 2016

Omaha Beach

I always find it fascinating looking at my stats and seeing which posts have been the most popular in the last year – it is rarely the ones you think it will be and this year is no exception. I enjoy researching travel almost as much as travelling itself and it looks as though I am not alone. 1. My top post this year was a bucket list post for visiting Thailand and I have to say that looking back, I can see why as the images draw you in and whisk you off to a warmer climate. 2. My second most… Continue Reading “My Top 10 Posts of 2016”

Top 10 Tips for a Carnival Cruise

Carnival Vista

We got back from our very first cruise back at the end of August and whilst we had the most amazing holiday, there were some things we wish we had known beforehand. 1. Make sure you check-in online in good time before your cruise and print off all the documentation. You can also sign the kids up for Kids Club, book excursions and treatments in the spa and register a payment card before you sail, which will save lots of time onboard and guarantee you a place. 2. Download the Carnival Hub App – not only is it a cute… Continue Reading “Top 10 Tips for a Carnival Cruise”

Top Ten Things that make you realise you’re no longer on a Carnival Cruise

Carnival Vista

We have just returned from an amazing holiday with Carnival Cruise Line and it is back to earth with a very big bump. We had a chuckle last night about all the things we missed about the ship when we arrived home, after battling the bank holiday traffic, and here is a list of our top ten! 1. When kids leave a mess after dinner, nobody comes along and cleans up. 2. When you switch on your tv, you’re not welcomed by name to your home. 3.  When you leave the house you don’t get scanned out and back in to… Continue Reading “Top Ten Things that make you realise you’re no longer on a Carnival Cruise”

Funseeking Families Announced

Carnival Cruise

Carnival Cruise Line has today announced the winners of their Funseeking Family competition. The nationwide competition, launched in June of this year, was launched by Carnival Cruise Line to find five families who could best represent all that’s great about cruising with Carnival. The hopeful entrants were able to enter into five different categories set by Carnival Cruise Lines from the Foodie Seeking family to the Thrill Seeking family. Other categories also included the Sun Seeking family, Fun Seeking family and a Chill Seeking family. Carnival were inundated with entries of hopeful families looking for the opportunity of a lifetime, who were challenged to answer a… Continue Reading “Funseeking Families Announced”