Camp Bestival: The difference between general, camping plus and boutique camping

Camp Bestival

We have just returned from our 6th year at Camp Bestival and it was our best one yet. This was also the year we tried Camping Plus and it was the perfect mix of the fun of general camping and the convenience of boutique camping and we would definitely book again. What is the difference between general, camping plus and boutique camping? If you have not been to Camp Bestival, or have only tried general camping it is tricky to know what the difference between them is, so here is my rough guide. General Camping Benefits General camping is included… Continue Reading “Camp Bestival: The difference between general, camping plus and boutique camping”

Top Tips for Preparing for a Family Festival #FestivalFever

With summer just around the corner, there’s so much to look forward to, beautiful weather, longer nights and festivals! We are currently on countdown to Camp Bestival which is held locally at Lulworth Castle, Dorset, from 27th – 30th July and are looking forward to seeing what this years event has to offer. Once you have decided to buy festival tickets it is then time to think about what you need to take with you and when going with your family, those needs change significantly. Going to a festival with children is not as stressful as you think, especially if it is… Continue Reading “Top Tips for Preparing for a Family Festival #FestivalFever”

What to expect at Camp Bestival 2017

Camp Bestival

It is no secret that Camp Bestival is one of the highlights of the year for us. Based locally here in Dorset at the spectacular Lulworth Castle, Camp Bestival is a true family friendly festival that features entertainment, activities and live performers that will delight guests, young and old. For the last few years it has had a theme, which has seen us dress up as characters from the Gruffalo, Circus Performers and Space Men. This year is no exception with the theme of Popstars and Rockstars and although we have yet to decide who we are going as, I… Continue Reading “What to expect at Camp Bestival 2017”

Larmer Tree Festival

Larmer Tree Festival

This weekend we attended Larmer Tree Festival for the first time and had no idea what to expect. The festival is set in Larmer Tree Gardens in Cranborne Chase, Dorset which is s simply stunning location with gardens brimming with colour and roaming peacocks showcasing their feathers as they wander around the site. I was expecting heavy traffic around the site, but I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived with no traffic problems at all. It was a lovely, picturesque drive through rural Dorset about 45 minutes from home and I was impressed that the parking was free. We collected our… Continue Reading “Larmer Tree Festival”

#Win the Ultimate Camping Kit from Millets

Vango tent

We are so excited about two upcoming family festivals we have planned this summer – Larmer Tree and Camp Bestival. Camping with kids can be a huge learning curve and our biggest mistake was made on our first year by camping on a hill – never easy especially with a toddler who was at the half crawling, half walking stage. Camping at a festival is a lot of fun, it isn’t quite as back to nature as a field in the middle of nowhere as there are facilities including toilets, showers, tea / coffee and food outlets close by. Tents… Continue Reading “#Win the Ultimate Camping Kit from Millets”