Why Visit Kefalonia, Greece

Myrtos Beach

Greece is one of my favourite holiday destinations and I have been lucky enough to visit several of its beautiful islands. One of my favourites is Kefalonia, the biggest Ionian island whose green mountains contrast perfectly with the crystal blue waters. The island is famed for its beautiful beaches and was chosen for filming the Hollywood movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. Apart from swimming and water sports, Kefalonia has many places to see, from picturesque villages to Medieval castles, beautiful monasteries to caves. I have very fond memories of visiting the Drogarati Caves, which is an impressive cave with remarkable formations… Continue Reading “Why Visit Kefalonia, Greece”

A visit to Lindos, Rhodes


Back in September 2014 I was lucky enough to visit Rhodes and enjoy a day trip to the picturesque, ancient village of Lindos which has a spectacular Acropolis towering above the town. The Acropolis sits atop a natural citadel and offers spectacular views of the surrounding harbours and coastline, although the climb to the top is not for the faint hearted, or young children. Once one of Rhodes’ ancient and important cities, Lindos grew to prosperity under the Knights of St. John and much of medieval Lindos has survived for all to see which narrow paved streets and beautiful buildings around… Continue Reading “A visit to Lindos, Rhodes”