Taking a Novasol European Tour

Have you heard of Novasol before?


If I am honest, neither had I before they asked me to run a fun quiz in my house with a bunch of my friends, all about the locations in Europe where they have holiday homes.

Novasol Holiday Homes  is part of the Wyndham Holiday group and have over 44,000 holiday homes in 29 countries, all across Europe.

Whether you want to rent an apartment in Spain, a houseboat in Germany, a thatched cottage in the Netherlands, a Chateau in France or a lakeside villa in Norway they have something for everyone and all from just £299 per week. I have to admit I was most excited to find they have properties in Iceland too as that is top of my “must visit” list for 2017.

All the properties are professionally managed, with 50 years experience and over 20 offices in Europe so there is always someone available to talk to about the huge options that are spread across Northern, Central and Southern Europe, plus they are ABTA members for that extra piece of mind.

As a large family, when we travel together we normally have to have two hotel rooms to squeeze everyone in, so having a holiday home is ideal for us as it gives us the space to spread out and not be on top of each other all the time.

We had an amazing time last February when we rented a Gite in France, as could organise our own itinerary, took advantage of an unexpected snow day and saved money by cooking for ourselves.

Eco Gites Lenault Snow

The quiz was broken down into countries and contained questions that some found easy, most found hard and even caused hysterics at one point with a silly answer.


Questions that myself and my guests found particularly hard were?

  1. Name one country that Croatia borders?
  2. Which popular TV show is partly filmed in Dubrovnik?
  3. Croatia’s coastline is one which sea?
  4. What is France’s National Sport
  5. If you were to order “cuisses de grenouilles” at a restaurant, what would I receive?
  6. How much change in Euro’s is thrown in the Trevi fountain each day?
  7. Germany has the most zoo’s in the world – how many?
  8. Antwerp is the world’s capital for what?
  9. What do Norwegians celebrate on 17th May each year?
  10. What is the name of the bridge connection Sweden and Denmark?

Trevi Fountain

Thankfully no-one got below 10 questions right and everyone went home with a couple of themed prizes too, after some, quite frankly, guessed answers. Looks like alcohol, sweets and biscuits were the most popular prizes!

Novasol_UK Quiz

Each of the six ‘Mum’s’ and one ‘Dad”  were impressed with the variety of holiday accommodation available as well as the locations you could visit. They went home with new knowledge of European countries, a goody bag containing a pen, mints, some more themed goodies, a Novasol Holiday Homes brochure, plus a 10% discount code which I also have for my readers if they book before 31st January 2017.

To get your 10% discount on selected Novasol French Holiday Homes please send an email to novasol@novasol.co.uk with your booking details and the discount code: 2049154. Brochures are available to order at: www.novasol.co.uk/brochures.html

Without googling the answer, can you answer any of the questions we struggled to answer above?




11 thoughts on “Taking a Novasol European Tour

  1. No wonder I had to look up the one about the TV show as I’ve never seen it before and have no idea what it is about! Looks a great company to look up for a good family holiday.

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