The Game of Thrones Tapestry at Ulster Museum

During our visit to Belfast we spent a couple of days exploring the city and everything it had to offer, including Titanic Museum, W5 Discovery Centre, Crumlin Road Gaol and HMS Caroline.

The final museum on our list was Ulster Museum, which is situated right in the heart of the university area of south Belfast.

Ulster Museum is a treasure trove of collections of art, history and natural sciences. There is a large section devoted to the troubles, but although Hubby and I were interested, the kids found it boring and wanted to move on.

Although there are a couple of interactive discovery zones dotted around the museum for families, we found that the museum was more of a look, but don’t touch place, which wasn’t enough to keep the kids interested for long.

The one part of the Museum they were fascinated by was their famous Mummy, Takabuti.

They learned that natron salt, sweet smelling spices, resins, oils and linen bandages were used to preserve the body without which the soul could not achieve immortality in the Egyptian beliefs.

Much of our break in Northern Ireland was finding locations for the show Games of Thrones and on the top floor of the museum is the Game of Thrones Tapestry.

The Game of Thrones Tapestry is a hand-woven tapestry which currently stands at 66 metres long and once finished, it will be longer than its inspiration, the Bayeux Tapestry, at 77 metres.

This incredible wall hanging brings to life the key events, locations and story of one of the most popular television series of all time and is a must see for any Game of Thrones fan.

I love the little touches around the artwork too, with signs reading things like “Please do not touch, Littlefingers can cause lots of damage” and “Please do not touch, offenders will be sent to the Wall

Our only disappointment is that we won’t get to see the final 11 metres of work from the new series, but it will be an excuse to re-visit.

The Ulster Museum is free to enter, however, I would advise planning a visit with kids on one of their family days, so there is more for them to get involved with.

Have you visited Ulster Museum?

15 thoughts on “The Game of Thrones Tapestry at Ulster Museum

  1. I haven’t visited, no, but it definitely looks like somewhere I’d enjoy. I’d love to see that Game of Thrones tapestry for myself.

  2. I went to Belfast around 8 years ago, but I’d love to go back some day and explore more of Northern Ireland. I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan so I’ll need to add this to my list!

  3. I am not one for anything mummy related after watching the movies but Takabuti has me intrigued too. Definitely adding Ulster museum to our itinerary.

  4. The Game Of Thrones tapestry looks insane. I’ve heard of the Bayeux Tapestry before and think it’s incredible how people back then managed to make it. I hope they do add to it for the final series x

  5. It’s a shame that the kids weren’t able to their interest for long but as a huge game of thrones fan I would be thrilled to see the tapestry. The colours and detail is incredible. A perfect excuse to go back to see it finished after the final season airs.

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