Our Top 10 Tips for booking a Holiday to Lapland

There is no doubt about it, a holiday to Lapland is pricey, but it is a once in a lifetime trip.

I found booking a Lapland holiday a minefield as there are so many different options available, and my biggest tip is to do your research thoroughly before you make your decision about where to visit.

Top 10 Tips for Booking a Holiday to Lapland

1. Book Early

High Five Bear

Lapland holidays are released in September for the following year and this is the best time to take advantage of free child places as they disappear very quickly and to get the flight from your preferred airport. It really surprised me to find the pricing rise on an almost weekly basis. If you are brave though, take a chance and wait until the last minute where travel companies try and sell off their Lapland holidays at great discount.

2. How long should you stay in Lapland?


I looked at 24 hour trips, but for me it is just not enough time to enjoy your stay. 2 nights is fine, but in hindsight, I would have booked a 3 night, 4 day trip as would have liked an extra day to take advantage of some of the extra activities. If you can stay for longer we found that it can work out cheaper if you book a 7 night ski package from Crystal Ski or Inghams to resorts such as Levi, Saariselka and Yllas compared to Santa specific 3 or 4 night breaks.

3. When should we go to Lapland

Santa's Lapland

Obviously Christmas is the premium time to visit Lapland. We went on 2nd December and it was a lovely start to advent, however, they offer trips right up to and including Christmas day, so it is entirely up to you. To save money you can visit any time up until the end of March to see snow and take part in the activities – check out the fun that Five Adventurers had in Salla.

4. Who should we travel with?

Santa's Lapland

There are many companies offering Lapland trips and we chose Santa’s Lapland, but booked through santaclaustrips.co.uk as they were offering the best deal at the time. Take your time to look what is included with each package. My friends has an amazing time visiting Levi with TUI.

5. Where should you stay?

Saariselka Inn

This was the one part of our holiday that I was disappointed by and I wish I had investigated our accommodation in more depth before I went, but it wasn’t until we got back that I found the Trip Advisor comments.

Lapland tour operators take over local hotels for their trips, so check out the individual hotel reviews before you go. I subsequently discovered our hote, the Saariselka Inn,  was a basic 2* hotel which although was warm, was very dated with single beds pushed together and not what we were expecting.

6. Invest in the correct clothing


Lapland gets very cold, in winter you can expect little more than five hours of sunlight with temperatures dropping well below freezing and sometimes as low as -20 to -40C and although you are kitted out with external wear with most tour operators, you still need to think about investing in a good base layer and accessories. This can add a substantial amount to the cost of your trip. Check out my post on what to pack for a holiday to Lapland.

7. Don’t book ‘added extra’s’ for the day you arrive

Northern Lights Tour

There are lots of extra excursions you can book and we adored our Northern Lights Safari where we got to drive our own Snowmobiles, however, we did see a family who booked this for the day they arrived and as our plane was delayed by over two hours, it was a mad panic to get them checked-in at the hotel and get their gear sorted on time. Use your first day to explore your beautiful surroundings.

8. What is the best age to visit

Santa's Lapland

Most tour operators recommend that the minimum age is 5. We took Isaac (9), Eliza (6) and Sebastian (4.5) and they all loved it. Sebastian is a bit of a daredevil though, so he adored the husky sled ride and zooming along on a snowmobile, but a more timid child may struggle.

9. Travel Insurance is a must!!

Santa's Lapland

Make sure your insurance covers you for winter sports – particularly riskier ones such as snowmobiling and husky dog sleding.

10. Take advantage of FREE activities too


As well as the paid experiences, my children had as much fun playing in the snow or riding a toboggan which are free. We stayed in Saariselkä which is home to the longest toboggan run in Northern Europe at 1.2 kilometers long and a vertical drop of 130 meters.

Is a holiday to Lapland on your bucket list?

Top ten tips for booking a holiday to Lapland

28 thoughts on “Our Top 10 Tips for booking a Holiday to Lapland

  1. I went in December and loved it so much i want to go back this year. I stayed in Saariselka too and went with TUI, who did a fantastic job. I dont see the point of a day trip as they are very rushed and price wise are not much different to a 4 day. As for the trip being expensive i didnt think it was. I paid around 900 for 3 nights, just myself. You can pay close to 200 a night for a 4 star (which my hotel was) in England. Including flights too, so isnt really a bad price. I went in Thomas Cook the other week to get a quote and the man in there said they are booking out now.

  2. Love your photos, some great tips here for booking a great holiday. This is somewhere I have always wanted to go unfortunately my kids are too old now, so have to wait until the grandchildren are old enough x

  3. This one has been on my travel list for a while now. If pretty much paused most exciting holiday plans as I’m expecting this year so it’s good to know that 5 years is the recommended minimum as it gives me ages to plan haha

  4. I’ve never considered visiting Lapland since it’s so much like Canada (where I now live). It would be a magical trip though because this is where Father Christmas is meant to reside. Although in my opinion I believe he and is Mrs. reside in the Bahamas for most of the year and only come to Lapland for the month of December 😉

  5. Thanks for these great tips. Pretty sure we will be going in December this year but we won’t be booking until the Spring so I am bookmarking your post ready. I didn’t realise you could book Santa’s Lapland through other sights. We have zero thermals etc so I may have to beg and borrow from friends lol

  6. We’ve talked about visiting Lapland too, but I’m afraid of the cold! As always doing research on any trip is the key to a less stressful travel/visit isn’t it? I agree, I think staying at least 3 nights is better than 2! x

  7. This is such a great guide for those wanting to book a magical winter getaway. I love the fact you’ve included a how many days as I wouldn’t be so sure at first and also the best age as you would want the children to remember the holiday and have the best experience from it

  8. I would love to visit Lapland one day- it is the epitome of Christmas holidays – magical, festive, wintery. I would definitely agree that travel insurance is a must as you will often be doing much more riskier things than you normally would, it is all part of the fun of Lapland!

  9. While I’ll admit this looks like so much fun,with enduring sub-zero weather right now,I am thinking more of a sunny day at the beach then more snow!! Love your pictures however!!

  10. I went to Lapland as a kid and it was absolutely the best holiday! I am hoping to take my son in the next couple of years and plan to do 4 nights like I did, its so magical I cannot wait. Thanks for the tips.

  11. I’ve bookmarked all of your pages on Lapland. We’re planning on going when Evie is 5 (which is in two Christmas’s time). We’ll definitely book early, I bet it gets super packed. x

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