Top Ten Things that make you realise you’re no longer on a Carnival Cruise

We have just returned from an amazing holiday with Carnival Cruise Line and it is back to earth with a very big bump.

We had a chuckle last night about all the things we missed about the ship when we arrived home, after battling the bank holiday traffic, and here is a list of our top ten!

1. When kids leave a mess after dinner, nobody comes along and cleans up.

Dinner at Ji Ji's

2. When you switch on your tv, you’re not welcomed by name to your home.

Carnival Cruise

3.  When you leave the house you don’t get scanned out and back in to make sure nobody is forgotten.

Carnival Cruise

4.  There’s no machine in the kitchen for self service ice cream.

Ice Cream

5.  When you go to bed you don’t have your bed turned down and have a towel animal sat at the end smiling at you.

Carnival Vista

6.  When you draw your curtains in the morning it’s the same view every morning.


7.  You miss Matt’s wake up call and timely reminders of what excitement you should be having each day/evening.

Carnival Vista

8.  You think you’d like to have an adult day relaxing you try to find the kids club in your house and realise you are the kids club.

Carnival Vista

9.  When you decide your footwear over weather instead of wether will it be suitable for riding a bike in the sky around a ship.

Carnival Vista

10.  And finally when you want an evening out with your friends, nobody has to worry about driving home. (Apart from the captain of the ship)

Carnival Vista

So there you have it, just some of the things we are missing already from our holiday.

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog to get details of our adventures and the fun we had onboard the Carnival Vista.

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Things that make you realise you’re no longer on a Carnival Cruise

  1. Oh no – back to reality!! My favorite was the one about not having to clear up after eating – isn’t that just bliss. No-one else in my house seems to understand what a joy that is because I’m always the one that does the clearing!! Loved the animals made out of towels too. It looks a fantastic cruise! 🙂

  2. What a lot to be missing, I wouldn’t mind a serve yourself ice-cream machine in the kitchen….what I would miss the most though is waking up to a different view each morning.

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