Top tips to save money on airport parking

When you’re heading off for a winter holiday it’s all too easy to forget about planning your transport to the airport. 

However, a study on airport parking popularity and costs by the UK travel insurance provider Staysure, revealed that it definitely pays to prebook a parking space if you’re driving there. 

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Here are some tips and tricks for saving money on airport parking this season that every traveller should know.

Wherever you live in the UK and whatever airport you are flying from, if you decide to drive to the airport, prebooking your parking space is universally cheaper than paying for parking last minute. The availability of parking, however, varies considerably.

Passengers at Manchester should definitely book in advance as the demand for space is very high. Strikingly, there are treble the amount of online searches for Manchester airport parking than there are at any London airport, including London Heathrow.

Although this initially seems like a surprise, especially since 3 out of every passengers flying from the UK in 2017 did so from a London airport, the lack of demand for airport parking spaces makes sense considering the frequency and reliability of public transport in the capital. 

Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Stansted are all very well connected to the London public transport system, meaning that holidaymakers from London and the Home Counties might opt to take the train rather than drive and face congested roads and possibly disastrous delays.

If you do decide to use the parking facilities at a London airport like Gatwick or Luton, it is even more important to make sure that you book in advance. Passengers who pay for parking on the day at London airports are charged on average £30 more in total for their stay.

By far the most expensive airport to pay on the day is Luton. Passengers from London Luton stand to save as much as £141.49 by prebooking at least a week in advance. Gatwick, with a cost disparity of as much as £97.76, is close behind.

The most expensive non London airport to pay for parking on the day is Edinburgh, at which there is a price disparity of £77. Meanwhile Manchester, the second most costly, is (at £61) almost as expensive to park on the day as London Heathrow.  

Savings like this could enable you to treat your family to a couple of meals out when you get to your holiday destination or even upgrade your hotel room. It’s absolutely worth planning in advance.

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13 thoughts on “Top tips to save money on airport parking

  1. Its things like this I forget about when thinking about booking a holiday but the hidden costs like this soon add up! I can’t believe there is such a big difference between some airports too!

  2. I’ve not been abroad in years, but am planning on going to Crete this summer. It’s little things like this I wouldn’t think of, so it’s brilliant to find a post that gives me a nudge in the right direction! Thank you 🙂

    Louise x

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