Our Visit to BrickLive 2017

Back in December 2015 we attended our first BrickLive event at the ExCel in London and it was safe to say that the kids were in LEGO heaven that day.

When I saw that BrickLive was heading to Birmingham NEC and coincided with our visit to see Disney On Ice: Passport to Adventure, I decided to arrange a visit to make a full day of it.

Over the summer we were lucky enough to see the Great Brick Safari on location at Marwell Zoo, so it was a treat to see it again at BrickLive. Made with Over 2 million LEGO® bricks, there are 81 stunning sculptures representing 27 different species, created by LEGO building company Bright Bricks. Among them is a 1.5 tonne elephant, a life size Bengal tiger and a family of lions.

Great Brick Safari Giraffe


The one part of BRICKLIVE my kids adore is the opportunity to get creative in a pit full of LEGO! There are millions of bricks in the BRICK pits where free building is encouraged and some fantastic creations made by visitors, fans and professional builders!


The orange brick pit was the most popular and the building has spilled out of the pit itself as everyone was keen to make some halloween inspired creations.


They even had Duplo and a soft BRICK pit so even the youngest LEGO fans can get involved, plus a LEGO Friends area complete with brick building and the chance to learn to dance with the LEGO Friends themselves.


In fact, there were building zones EVERYWHERE, with LEGO Ninjago, Star Wars, Minecraft, City, Technic and even Race zones.


They even had a Battle Arena for Robot Wars type fights, only with LEGO creations but all the kids wanted to do was build, and who can blame them.

Brick Live

There were also some gaming stands with some of our favourite LEGO titles and the kids got their first go on the Nintendo Switch, which is now firmly at the top of their Christmas lists.

Brick Live

Whilst we enjoyed BrickLive, there was one thing missing – the huge fan built LEGO models that we had seen at previous events.

Brick Live

There were a few medium sized displays, but missing were the huge Star Wars, Hogwarts and even City creations.

Brick Live

Toys ‘R’ Us were their official retail partner and brought along an awesome LEGO pop up store which saw us investing in some kits for the kids for when we got home.


Sadly we didn’t manage to smuggle LEGO Kylo Wren home for Sebby!



20 thoughts on “Our Visit to BrickLive 2017

  1. This looks like heaven! Even at 23, I still love Lego and would love to have visited here! Looks like you and the kids had a great day 🙂

  2. Lions,tigers but no cheetahs? You got robbed in our opinion….
    I bet it was pretty noisy as well between the kids building and the parents fighting over boxes of LEGOS.
    But no cheetahs……wow

  3. I don’t think you can ever been to old for Lego. So many children are incredible talented with what they can build from lego and it does make me a little bit jealous as I am no where near that creative! Brick Live sounds like a fantastic day out!

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