A Visit to Car Fest South

Right at the end of the summer we spent our last weekend of freedom at Car Fest South in Hampshire thanks to an invite from Peugeot.

As it is less than an hour from home and we had just returned from a holiday abroad we made the decision to travel up to the event on both days, rather than camp.

I have always wanted to go to Car Fest, but Hubby is not car mad and was skeptical about a car led event, but we all had the most amazing time.

Car Fest is an annual motoring festival held in Cheshire (“CarFest North”) and Hampshire (“CarFest South”), England. It was founded by the radio presenter Chris Evans in 2012, and raises funds for Children in Need – over £6 million for the charity so far.

Car Fest South

Car Fest really was a unique and fabulous mix of music, cars and fun for all the family. Walking up to the entrance you could hear the roar of engines and the excitement grew, especially with Isaac and Sebby who both love cars.

Car Fest South

One of the first things that came in to view was the display track which had a variety of cars roaring up and down it, performing donuts and other such stunts. The smell of rubber was quite intense but the boys were in their element.

Car Fest South

After the stunt cars, there were display by a variety of sports cars, vintage cars etc but we made the decision to explore everything else the festival had to offer.

Car Fest South

Alongside the main track the majority of the stalls were car manufacturers displaying their latest models, but many had fun activities for the kids to try. One of our favourites was Vauxhall, who had a fairground type car race that you had to complete by kicking a ball in the hole.

Vauxhall Car Fest

At the Volvo stand where I was lusting over my dream car, the XC90, the kids even got a free ice cream each.

Volvo XC90

As we moved further away from the track, there was more and more for the children to do, as well as lots of vintage cars and new cars on display in the Time Tunnel which included Chris Evans’ favourite cars and hubby’s dream car – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and an Aston Martin Vulcan hypercar, valued at more than £2million.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

There are not just cars for adults to admire either, although I did get rather nostalgic over Herbie.


Isaac and Sebastian were especially excited to not only see the Danger Car, but to sit inside and press all the buttons too – I may have been a little scared of their driving!

Danger Mouse

They even got to meet the big Mouse himself…..

Danger Mouse

There was also activities for Eliza to enjoy and she adored the Fairy’s who were offering glitter tattoos and face painting.


BBC Children in Need’s loveable mascot Pudsey Bear wandered around the site, high-fiving enthusiastic festival goers and cheerfully posing for pictures.

Pudsey Bear

In the big top tent they had workshops for the children to get involved with, which included fun challenges, dances and shows. Although they had great fun in these I think they would have spent the whole day enjoying the Springfree Trampolines given half a chance.

Springfree Trampoline

We found the vintage section of the site which had old police cars, fire engines etc on display with everyone dressed appropriately and even selling vintage items.

Vintage Cars

There was even a small farm where you could up close and personal to some farm animals.


And on the subject of animals, they had camel racing too!

Camel Racing

Car Fest is not just about vehicles, but over the other side of the track it had some amazing performers on its stages too, including Foxes, Will Young, Rick Astley, James Morrison, Stereophonics, The Feeling, Squeeze, Jamie Lawson and Status Quo to name but a few.


Also on this side of the display track was the food village which was rammed with local producers and a huge variety of food types to choose from.

Car Fest

Hidden away at the back was Megaland where we got to get up close and personal to some HUGE vehicles that the kids could actually clamber upon and take in the view from above.

Car Fest

Car Fest is so large that we missed some of what it had to offer including dance classes with Kevin and Joanne Clifton from Strictly Come Dancing and some of the music acts I wanted to see, but it sits up alongside Camp Bestival as a truly family friendly festival as it has plenty of clean facilities and fun activities for all ages.

Car Fest

Where else can you see dancing tractors framed by a Red Arrows flypast?

Car Fest

Thank you so much to Peugeot for our invite and the loan of a Peugeot 308 to get there, we had a blast!!

Car Fest

Goodnight Car Fest – see you next year!




23 thoughts on “A Visit to Car Fest South

  1. What a different and fun day out, this looks right up my alley! I love the fact that they do a North event AND a South event so that people don’t have to travel the whole length of the country to just one event. That Volvo VX90 is basically my dream car at the moment – I have an 18 year old V40 which is a bit like Triggers broom with how many replacement parts it has so I know we need an upgrade sooner rather than later!

  2. It would never occur to me to take my kids to a car-led event… but I know my husband would be over the moon…he’s always pointing out old weird cars to me and the kids. But this looks like so much fun! My kids would love it as well as my husband. But you met DANGERMOUSE…I’d go just for that…I had a crush on him when i was a kid! hehe!

  3. My Hubby loves dragging is all along to events like this and i am always really surprised by how much is on offer.
    I love that they had camel racing!!!
    Looks like a great day out – fab pictures X

  4. This looks like a fun day out, Its good to know that it has much more to offer than just the cars (not that it would bother my.boys, they can look at cars all day long)

  5. So much to do, certainly not just a car event, I can see why you enjoyed it. I do like looking at cars old and new but how great to see a stage full of stars too.

  6. I have never heard of this before but looks like an excellent day out! I adore card (and my other half too!) so I have learnt to like them hehe. Maybe I will take him next year

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