A Visit to Glen Doll in search of Snow

When we arrived at our holiday cottage in Angus, Newton Farm it was snowing, much to the kids excitement, however it was dark so we had no idea if it was settling.

Getting up the following morning we could see snow on top of the hills in the distance, but there was none to play in with us, so we asked Louise and Graeme where we could find enough for the kids to play in and they suggested Glen Clova, which was a short drive away.

One of the six Angus glens, Glen Clova is a valley with superb views and an abundance of flora and wildlife in the summer months, perfect for walking.

Glen Clova

We found a small carpark and had a stroll along a country toad but although there was some snow on the sides of the road, it wasn’t really enough for us to play in, although Eliza did shoot a couple of well-aimed snowballs at Daddy.

Glen Clova

We spotted a road sign pointing to Glen Doll but which also said it was a narrow road with no passing places so we were unsure whether to continue further up until we saw a couple of cars braving the journey, so we hopped back in the car and continued our journey in search of more snow.

Glen Clova

We were not disappointed!

Glen Doll

Glen Doll is home to Corrie Fee, a truly dramatic, massive bowl scooped out by a glacier which was covered in lovely thick snow, perfect for snowball fights.

Corrie Fee

In the summer there are six walking trails which apparently offer magnificent views over the valley and one to a waterfall but for now the kids were content with just playing in the snow.

Corrie Fee

The area is famous for golden eagles circling overhead and rare alpine plants that arrived here during the last Ice Age but I am afraid to say we didn’t spot any, although we did take refuge in their visitor centre to warm up.

Glen Doll

We arrived when it was snowing but it did clear and we were also treated to some sparkling blue skies.

Geln Doll

Although there were one or two people there we had the place almost to ourselves which was lovely.

Glen Doll

We spent about an hour and a half playing in the snow before we decided to head back before it got dark.

A Visit to Glen Doll in search of Snow

If you are ever in the area I strongly recommend you pay a visit, it is quite possibly the most beautiful place we have ever been to…………so far.

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22 thoughts on “A Visit to Glen Doll in search of Snow

  1. SNOW! So exciting. We’ve had some great snow up here so far this winter. Looks like you timed it just right too.

    Out first winter of living here we experienced frozen sand on Tentsmuir beach. Now THAT was crazy!

  2. A drive for snow that was certainly worth it. Looks amazing there with the water, snow and mountains. I always find it amazing how you can have no snow in one place, travel such a small distance and have loads of snow. I bet the kids were thrilled, ours have only a sketchy memory of snow from when they were young, if it comes close to us I’ll definitely get in the car and drive to find it.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  3. So glad you guys where able to find the snow and get some play time in it. We’ve not seen snow this year in my neck of the woods but it’s ok I am done with winter anyway lol

  4. I’m so jealous0we haven’t seen any snow this year! Well we had one flurry that got us all excited, but it amounted to nothing! Love your photos, really beautiful #CountryKids

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