A visit to the National Museum of Scotland

After visiting Edinburgh Castle we headed off down the Royal Mile in search of something else to do.

We liked the look of the Camera Obscura but being half term meant the queue outside was huge, so we left that idea behind and headed for the National Museum of Scotland instead which had the double bonus of being free.

The National Museum of Scotland houses diverse collections that will take you on a journey of discovery through the history of Scotland and around the world, taking in the wonders of nature, art, design and fashion and science and technology – all under one roof and the kids were wow’d from the off.

National Museum of Scotland

We started in the natural world galleries, which tell the story of our planet from animals to meteorites, monsters of the deep to earthquakes and volcanoes.

National Museum of Scotland

The museum was a real winner with the kids as although it was packed full of things to look at, it was the interactive part that kept them interested. We got to compare our weight to various animals, guess which animal made what sound and test our reaction times.

National Museum of Scotland

We then headed into the World Cultures galleries which link people and possessions across the globe. It was fascinating seeing how people lived in other countries and the kids were fascinated by the prayer wheels.

National Museum of Scotland

It was the science and technology part of the museum where they could get their hands on all sorts of fun things to do, with inventions and innovations as science is brought to life through displays and interactives.

National Museum of Scotland

We got a robot to spell our names………

National Museum of Scotland

Flew a hot air balloon high into the museum……..

National Museum of Scotland

In another exhibition we got to follow the story of Scotland from prehistory to the present day in the Scottish galleries.

Scottish galleries

We only had three hours at the muesum before it closed so didn’t get to see it all, however we made sure we visited the roof terrace as it offers fabulous views over Edinburgh.


We timed it just right to get a view over Edinburgh Castle at sunset.

Edinburgh Castle

We headed back downstairs to try and see as much of the museum as possible before it closed.

National Museum of Scotland

I would recommend allowing a full day to explore the museum as there is just so much to see and do.

National Museum Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is open daily from 10am – 5pm.


19 thoughts on “A visit to the National Museum of Scotland

  1. We didn’t get to go in here when we went to Edinburgh. I think my children would love it the next time we visit. Even better that it has free entry!

  2. Fab review. It may sound naive but I honestly never even contemplated Scotland would have a natural history museum lol. I’ve been to the London one loads. Defo added this to my to do list ????????????

  3. Another amazing place you visited kara! You have been busy having adventures recently 😉 Will make sure we add this to our places to visit when we get up to Scotland.

  4. Ive always been fascinated by Scotland and yet know almost nothing about it except from the odd movie – Even though I have been here three times! This will be #1 on my list for the next visit, and I hope I can time it for sunset so I get that amazing picture that you managed! Well done!

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