Visiting No.4 Privet Drive at Warner Bros Studio Tour

Yesterday we visited Warner Bros. Studio Tour for their 15th anniversary celebrations of the film The Philosophers Stone and the chance to go inside No.4 Privet Drive which is only open to the public between 27th May and 6th June.

This is our third visit to the Studios and it is still as breathtaking and magical as the first time we went and I get goosebumps as soon as I walk in the door.

Warner Bros Studio Tour

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter is a unique attraction offering visitors the ultimate opportunity to journey behind the scenes of Harry Potter and experience the magic that has gone into creating the most successful film series of all time. After a brief cinematic introduction you get to step inside the Great Hall, walking the same York Stone floor that welcomed the new pupils, seen the Yule Ball and witnessed the odd duel.

Warner Bros Studio Tour

In the Great Hall itself you get to see unique House Points beads system, the Sorting Hat and the costumes of each house system as well as some of the teaching staff.


Warner Bros Studio Tour

Progressing out of the Great Hall the kids had their eyes peeled for some Golden Stitches to find from their passport activity books, whilst we got to look lots of new wigs and costumes that were on display, including the Dursley’s.

Warner Bros Studio Tour

We continued around, looking for answers for the kids passports in the Boys’ Dormitory and Gryffindor Common Room. Dumbledore’s Office is always a highlight as there is so much to see but the kids love the Potion Room, complete with magic potions being stirred, all by themselves. A new exhibit is the Special Effects and we learned just how all those letters got through the Dursley’s door so quickly and how to pick up a broomstick magically.

Warner Bros Studio Tour

Platform 9¾ is always a firm favourite, with a chance to pose pushing the trolley through the wall or just seeing the huge red train itself.

Hogwarts Express

After a quick train ride and escaping a creepy Dementor it was time to head outside to No.4 Privet Drive.

Privet Drive

I had no idea what to expect as we headed inside but there was only one word for it – WOW!

No.4 Privet Drive

The whole room was filled with hundreds of Harry’s Hogwarts letters created by MinaLima, the graphic designers for all eight Harry Potter films, will be suspended in the air as though they’ve flown through the fireplace!

No.4 Privet Drive

The final part of the tour takes you through the special effects department and onto Diagon Alley and finally a huge Hogwarts Castle Model.


The Warner Bros. Studio Tour is a must for any Harry Potter fan, but be quick if you want to see No.4 Privet Drive you need to be quick as it is only open until 6th June.





19 thoughts on “Visiting No.4 Privet Drive at Warner Bros Studio Tour

  1. This is such a cool place to visit if you’re a Harry Potter fan – love that you can now go inside No. 4 Privet Drive – seems like a good excuse for us to re-visit!

  2. Looks a great day out, love the picture of your kids – did she realise what he was up to? Love pics like this, make me laugh x

  3. It’s amazing isn’t it. It looks like there have been a few new additions since we last visited. The Hogwarts Express definitely wasn’t there. Gutted I won’t be able to make it before Privet Drive closes 🙁

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