#Win the Ultimate Camping Kit from Millets

We are so excited about two upcoming family festivals we have planned this summer – Larmer Tree and Camp Bestival.

Camping with kids can be a huge learning curve and our biggest mistake was made on our first year by camping on a hill – never easy especially with a toddler who was at the half crawling, half walking stage.

Camping at a festival is a lot of fun, it isn’t quite as back to nature as a field in the middle of nowhere as there are facilities including toilets, showers, tea / coffee and food outlets close by.

Camp Bestival

Tents are packed in fairly closely, which can mean things can be noisy at times, but it is also a lot of fun – imagine a game of “Bogies” ringing out in the morning as you all get ready to head onto the site and racing down the slope on a skateboard with newly made friends.

Camp Bestival


It is important that you get a decent camping kit ahead of your trip. You don’t have to spend a fortune and Millets are a great one-stop shop for a camping trip and are offering one lucky reader the chance to win the Ultimate Camping kit, with some of the essential items you need for a camping trip.

Prize includes:

  • 1x 4 man Beta 450 Vango tent
  • 2x Adult Eurohike Adventure Sleeping Bags
  • 2x Youth Eurohike Adventure Sleeping Bags

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407 thoughts on “#Win the Ultimate Camping Kit from Millets

  1. Bring lots of entertainment that doesn’t need electricity/chargers. Solar chargers are usually pretty rubbish and anyway camping is about getting away from that stuff isn’t it? Books, outdoor games (like skittles, bats, balls), water pistols, and guides to local kid friendly attractions and walking routes are all great things to take.

  2. I would recommend taking some interesting games – something which the whole family can get involved in. It will keep the kids busy and happy!

  3. Practice camping at home: If your kids are outdoor newbies, pitch a tent in the backyard or even inside your home. Let them hang out in it and sleep in it so they become comfortable with a new sleeping environment.

  4. Bring shoes/boots that are easy to slip on and off so when a midnight trip to the toilet is needed they don’t spend 10 minutes trying to get fiddly shoes on. Wellies are the best as they protect bare feet from nettles that can be missed in the dark or even hedgehogs(speaking from experience).

  5. Find a child friendly campsite with plenty of amenities to keep them busy if the weather takes a turn for the worse. One with good loos and showers is always good!

  6. I always prefer for camping with kids with lots of snacks. Books and activities. A football and for night a hot water bottle!

  7. We’ve yet to go camping with Elliot so I have no tips…but good facilities are a must for anyone, nice toilets included!

  8. Always pack rainy day activity packs. We used a tarpaulin on a hilly part of the site and the kids had great fun sliding down it in the rain. We use pieces of wood and rope to set up activity courses and it doesn’t matter about the weather lol

  9. the first couple of times we went with more experienced friends who could help out or give us tips/ideas as how to make it easy/enjoyable

  10. Invest in a swing ball set, and also some books, colouring things just incase of bad weather. Have lots of snacks and drinks on hand and a pocket guide for bugs/wildlife etc so they can explore nature and really immerse themselves in the whole ‘off grid’ experience. Nature, muck and bugs is all very exciting stuff for these mini adventurers of mine lol. Above all else enjoy and have fun making memories 🙂

  11. Think ahead of every eventuality including bad weather, boredom busting things to do and illness. Plan simple meals which are quick an filling.

  12. Kids+camping=making memories!
    Wet wipes and paper and pencils are my top tips!

    Paper and pencils- colouring, treasure hunts, hangman, noughts and crosses, paper planes and boats, etc etc
    Wet wipes covers all sorts of mess!

  13. Make a game out of everything, for example make setting up the tent a game so that they find it fun to do!

  14. My best tip for camping with the kid’s is to try and find a quiet corner in the campsite as this makes it so much easier to get them to sleep at bedtime.

  15. take lots of things to keep them amused, we like to take fishing rods and we camp where there are fishing lakes and we teach our children to fish and they absolutely love it, and when the weather is bad we play board games and card games and spend some really nice family time away from games consoles and ipads etc

  16. Make a list of activities for the kids to do before you leave to go camping.
    Wildlife hunting is fab and geocaching is also great for the kids

  17. Take plenty of wet wipes, and some pre-made comfort food that can be easily warmed up. Don’t forget to bring a favourite teddy or toy to sleep with.

  18. Keep calm, let them help, bring plenty of toys etc or if in doubt leave your husband to get on with pitching the tent whilst you take them exploring and get out of the way!!!!

  19. Get them involved in the whole experience so that they get the most out of it – let them experience cooking outdoors and putting the tent up for example.

  20. take plenty of games to keep them entertained plenty of fluids if its hot and music all kids love music

  21. Take board games and favouite toys so the kids have something to keep them amused and go to family friendly camp sites so the kids can run around and be kids and play with other kids

  22. Make a list of objects & wildlife to find & award points for the 1st person to find each one for a great family game

  23. Teach them bored games or card games before the trip, so that they don’t get bored and lose interested on the trip.

  24. Let them get involved in helping as it will stop them getting bored. Also, baby wipes are essential to clean all those mucky hands and faces!

  25. Cylumes (glow sticks) are ideal for little ones to take to bed with them rather than a large light/torch

  26. My tip for camping with kids is be organised but go with the flow! Things won’t always go to plan but that’s half the fun

  27. Don’t stress about mud and muck etc !!! Kids will be rolling in it and having the time of their lives, just sit back and enjoy the great outdoors with a glass or two of wine ! xx

  28. Get them involved even if it ends up taking longer. Putting up the tent, getting water or supplies, cooking, washing up…it is all part of the camping experience! It is like making a den!

  29. Always try to pitch before dark, let the little ones help they will love to be involved!
    Always make sure you know where the toilets are and ask your little ones to go to the loo before sleep time,
    Make sure your camping sites has plenty adventure routes for during the day! 🙂 Happy Camping.

  30. let the children plan meals and help shop for the food they are more likely to eat what is put in front of them. take plenty of drinks and do not camp too far away from the toilets.

  31. Make everything an adventure. They won’t complain of being bored or not enjoying it, if they think its all one big adventure! Such a simple thing to do but it works.

  32. Take a pre- cooked meal like bolognese that you can heat up quickly for the first nights tea once the tent is up


  34. Take them little nets with you so they can either catch butterflies or they can try and catch minnows in the stream

  35. Plenty of snacks, fresh water, antihistamine cream in case of bites/stings, comics, torches, sausages, loo roll, dry clothes, socks. What a great prize!

  36. Make sure you take lots of snacks, activities which you can do to keep them entertained if it’s raining (activity books, cards, personal games computers etc) xxx

  37. Take wellies and warm, waterproof clothes, so you can continue with outdoor walks and games if the weather isn’t the best.

  38. I’m looking forward to when we start camping with Lucas. From when I was younger I would say the best tip is being near a park area/open space so kids can play without upsetting the none family campers x

  39. Plenty of books, games and colouring things to do when the weather is miserable. Also bring a couple of extra pillows so they can be comfy

  40. Take lots of big repellant, sun cream and a first aid kit! Also, plan lots of fun games like a treasure hunt or a game spotting / looking for things in nature 🙂

  41. Take plenty of wet wipes, a torch and be prepared for the lovely UK weather, wellies and waterproofs just in case

  42. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania. Would come in useful for people who become homeless due to natural disasters like the landslides they have experienced in the past.

  43. Bring plenty of blankets and wet weather clothes and activities. You can never trust that English summer weather!

  44. Make up little wildlife search And find sheets for the little ones to make them more excited about nature. For example, tick when u find a dragonfly, or ladybug etc

  45. A large umbrella, wet wipes ( you never know when you have to use them), games ( non electrical) and sun team

  46. Find a child friendly campsite with plenty of amenities to keep them busy if the weather takes a turn for the worse

  47. As our weather is so unpredictable, take colouring books and pencils, card games and board games so the kids are occupied if it’s pouring down outside!

  48. Get them involved with their own packing and help getting everything set up and plenty of games for them to play to stop them getting bored

  49. take plenty of waterproofs and indoor and outdoor games! collect 2ps and 1ps throughout the year if near arcades for machines to go to on a rainy day

  50. take lots of activities for them to do and try to camp in a big open space, they just love running around

  51. We like to highlight the differences to sleeping indoors but encouraging the bambinos to use their senses to hear different noises, smell different bits of nature and watch the stars. Getting closer to nature while enjoying a fun experience

  52. Take plenty with you to keep them amused, we normally take a swing ball and garden games and a couple of board games

  53. make a scavenger hunt bag for each child, this will keep them busy during the holiday, on one side of the bag put pictures of things to collect and on the other side put pictures of things they might see to tick off

  54. Keep it simple, take multi purpose items, and although those crocs may not be the best looking footwear, they are the best for slipping on and off going in and out of the tent, showering in and trips to the beach.

  55. We always do a test run in the garden at the start of each summer, just to make sure everything is still okay,

  56. Plenty of outdoor games – balls, rackets, bats, etc and some cards and story books for the night. We enjoy stargazing on nights that are clear.

  57. Make them feel safe and secure and that it is a fun treat not a punishment. Camping lanterns that they can use themselves. Security in that they are not too near to the tent opening so that ‘monsters’ can’t get them. Make sure the sleeping bag will really keep them warm during the night.

  58. I have never been camping with the kids before but if I get the chance to go camping I would definitely take lots of entertaining games

  59. Going to a campsite with lots of forest walks and things to do with the kids, even an indoor play area for bad weather, anything to keep them occupied 🙂

  60. Go with the flow! Just enjoy the outdoors, each othe and dont fuss or worry about the mess or dirt or time

  61. Take a small tent for them during the day to play, but make sure you have extra space in your tent when evening comes on 😉

  62. Pick your camp location wisely. Before kids, my idea of a good campsite was “as remote as possible.” Now, I know that being near a bathroom trumps all, especially at 2am (should you be camping somewhere with bathrooms). I also avoid being along the main roads, I stay away from streams near our site, and try not to back up to any deep woods, which can look irresistible to an exploring toddler unless you’ve got an eye on them at all times.

  63. My best tip for camping with a kid or kids is to bring plenty of things for them to do in case they get bored with camping.

  64. Foam floor tiles for the tent, I wrote a list of things that could be found in the woods and the kids ticked them off as they found them, I think its wise to have a hand washing station set up. Glow sticks are great (Dont throw them away when u get home, put them in the freezer it gives them a new lease of life!) Last but not least A football@

    Good Luck all xx

  65. Make it an adventure and involve them!! take plenty of board and outdoor games … and keep them active in the day so they are tired at night.

  66. Try to do something different each day or see different things. Keep it fun. Kids easily get bored with the same thing all the time.

  67. ort and pack each day of your children’s clothes within individual small plastic grocery bags in his/her suitcase. This way your child can grab a bag in the morning and have a full set of clothes for the day, and at night he/she can stuff the dirty ones back in the bag thus not mixing up the rest of the suitcase. Give each child their own flashlight . Also give each child their own whistle just incase they get lost x

  68. Make sure your campsite has a little swing park or something to keep the kids entertained. Let them help set things up as well give them a task

  69. I always make sure there is lots to do nearby and always make sure my daughters tablet is fully charged incase of bad weather.

  70. Make sure the site is family friendly with good facilities. Get the children involved with setting up, and choosing activities.

  71. Take lots of things to do in all weathers, beach games, top trumps, colouring books, portable dvd players, travel games and plenty of snacks.

  72. When you first arrive find them some “safe” jobs. They’ll feel useful and involved. Take plenty of rainy day stuff too!

  73. Take lots of things to occupy them – games, books, snacks, etc. I personally don’t like going down the technology route as for me part of the camping experience is getting away from all that 🙂

  74. Always remember the baby wipes, they come in handy for all sorts of things.

    And always take a smaller tent, set it up close to the entrance to the main tent and have it a a play tent, so the kids can keep there toys and play in there if it rains or use it as a sun shelter for when the sun shines

  75. I have never been camping with the kids but we are hoping to go at the end of August. Just need a tent first, so fingers crossed. But we will be taking loads of snacks for the kids and baby wipes

  76. Take plenty of things to do/games to play and lots of easy to eat foods cos camping cooking always takes longer than you think lol

  77. Be prepared! Have a practice run at home. Take a small toy tub incase it rains and you need to keep them entertained!

  78. My camping tips are bring a torch, warm clothes for night and have a few games at the ready.
    Check everything before you go!

  79. Take a bag of spare cloths, bin bags, wet wipes… My mum always tells the story of how I was sick as a toddler in a tent… Be prepared!!

  80. I haven’t been camping with small children, my girl was nine when we first went. I would suggest really warm socks and pjs, it can be very cold at night even in the height of summer. And lots of food. Nothing is fun when cold and hungry.

  81. We do a dummy run with camping for two nights in our garden, we bring the indoors outside, if we can we like to ask the children if they want a friend to come, the more the merrier is far better , and don’t forget a football, a bat and a tennis ball, great games with those 3 items.

  82. be prepared for weather changes, and have back up activities should the weather be bad, don’t need to be stuck in a tent with the rain pelting down.

  83. To avoid boredom and tantrums, involve kids in everything from putting the tent up to cooking to deciding on activities.

  84. Play travel board games and card games – leave all the techy gadgets at home! I was surprised how much my kids loved playing ‘old school’ games – and no mention of minecraft all weekend! Bonus!

  85. Bring lots of games like a rounders set, quiz book, cards, a board game or two and let the kids join in, they love getting stuck into tasks

  86. always take familiar food and drink with you. No point trying to force children to eat anything foreign or unusual

  87. Camping tip is to relax and dont stress the kids will get muckkie to take lots of wet wipes and make a game out of everything, take them a explorers kit (magnifing glass ,notebook, pencil and torch for nighttime exploring )

  88. cotton wool to clean cuts and grazes on the kids from playing outside, and for my ears when all the giggling and screaming gets to loud for me…smile

  89. Have a look at the reviews for campsites before choosing a good one for your family holiday. Bring a ball and/or frisby (outdoor games stuff etc) to enjoy.

  90. Remember to make the time entertaining and fun, children love to learn and be helpful. Whilst ensuring they know to stay close to their parents, in order to remain safe.

  91. Get them involved! Give them their own jobs to help out and get organised, after all, you’re family and families work together.

  92. buy them head torches so they can see in the dark, they will love them. makes bathroom trips easier and much more fun lol

  93. Take as many bin liners/black sacks and wet wipes as you can fit in the car. Oh, and lots of wine 😉 .

  94. We’ve never had a tent so haven’t been able to go camping! But would love to go near the beach for a surfing holiday 😀

  95. A nature treasure hunt is a great way of keeping them occupied. Give them a list of things to find, e.g. leaves from different trees, flowers or berries, depending on the time of year (keep an eye on little ones to make sure they don’t eat anything they shouldn’t!), various insects, etc.

  96. Research the site – how kid friendly is it – is there a playground

    Slip on shoes (crocs or similar) keeps the tent clean

    Talk about camping before you go – establish their expectations

    Take a swingball

  97. Find something in the car to keep them occupied when putting up the tent. There’s nothing more stressful than trying to erect the tent and stopping the children from running over the tent, or deciding to run off and explore when they are only 5!

  98. Just got back from camping was brilliant, first time in a trailer tent. My advice is: take warm PJs even in summer! Getting cold is the worst thing.

  99. We are off to camp Bestival on Thursday until Monday and always pack the below;

    * Bubble Wands
    * Face paints – Including UV Facepaints!
    * Dressing up costumes! This year it’s space so we have made Tutu’s , Jet packs, Googley alien eyes on headbands, Astronaut badges and more!
    * Our Pull along cart – With Loads of fairy lights!
    * UV glow bands, head bands, bracelets, necklaces, wands
    * Glitter Hoop

    ( Nappies, Wipes, Food, Drink, Suncream!! Wellies, Raincoats, Cheap Festiwear ( Although the tutu’s for £40.00 did catch my eye on one stall last year!)

    I have three children .. one aged 5- Who is into everything And would be happy to do anything and everything! Which probably will cost a fortune but He is an active one! Another aged 3 and there quarters (As my daughter likes to say) And a 20 month old turning 18 year old little madam who will most certainly jump in wet muddy puddles if it rains, Or dance and prance to MR TUMBLE on Saturday morning!…

    Our best buy was a £20.00 Halfords fold away table that seats four! The table folds out into a big table with four seats, and folds back into a compact light weight case!

  100. Take a few toys and books, but most importantly relax and accept that things never happen the same as they do at home

  101. Bring wellies, it’s bound to rain at some point with the british weather, and there’s nothing worse than wet and muddy socks!

  102. Camp in the garden first/let them help put up the tent (should do this anyway to check everything is OK)

  103. Get them to write a list of things they want to do whilst camping helping put up tent. Having toasted marshmallows etc really keeps them from getting bored x

  104. I haven’t been camping much, but when I have I’ve definitely relied on plenty of entertainment and food! It keeps everyone happy and busy.

    Great giveaway. Thank you.

  105. let them help do everything… from making the shopping list to putting the tent up, also make sure you take plenty of wet wipes

  106. Take plenty of things to keep them amused, toys for playing outside and inside if the weathers not so good. If it’s going to be their first time camping put the tent up in the garden first to show them what to expect.

  107. Take lots and lots of clothes pegs…peg towels/clothes to hanging line, peg drawing paper to table, making a den in the trees with pegs, makes a great game of running around and pegging each other

  108. Tether them down! Seriously though set roaming boundaries but allow independent exploration (as long as you can see or hear them)

  109. Before we went on a proper camp – we had a little adventure in the garden! It helped them get used to camping over night without the dramas!

  110. Comfy clothes and footwear that are easy to out on (no fiddly buttons or anything that can get caught), keep anything not yet worn in waterproof bags & dirty clothing farange away. Lots of easy seal containers to avoid creepy crawlies. Pack of cards, colouring books and travel games to avoid boredom, & wildlife/bird books so they can find anything they see.

  111. Make sure you have a tent big enough – there’s nothing worse, especially if it’s raining and you’re all on top of each other.

  112. get them involved from the start by helping to put up the tent, get them helping collect wood etc even get them helping to cook so they can enjoy it too and not see it all as chores

  113. Bring lots of games, but don’t forget to bring a tablet with downloaded cartoons and shows to play when it is raining.

  114. I am not sure as I’ve never been with the kids – hoping to change that and win this! I guess having a practice run in Grandma’s garden is a good idea.

  115. Make sure you have some activities for rainy days and take a little hoover you can plug into car to charge for all those little crumbs – don’t want ants in the tent!

  116. bring lots of activities such as colouring books, blank paper, pencils, pens. things they can record what they have been doing with 🙂

  117. Take something warm to wear at night. It gets much colder than you would think when you are sleeping in a tent. There is nothing worse than being cold!

  118. Get them involved in the set up of your tent or take them off to the shops and leave your partner to set up – that’s what I do!!!

  119. Wet wipes are your friend but the most important advice would be enjoy yourself and make great memories !!!

  120. Go with some friends who have been before to help out if it’s your first time. Take games you can play that don’t need electricity

  121. make sure they are involved from the beginning and keep themhelping throuout so they feel the enjoyment too have books and thing they can explore the surroundings with to get the nature feel kept going

  122. Do a lot of home baking beforehand and bring lots of snacks in tupperware. Choose a location with the fact that you the more time you spend with your family at the campground, the less money you will have to spend off site looking for things to entertain the kids. For instance, choose a campsite with play areas that relate to your children’s ages, pool, games room, etc. or nature nearby for walks as a family.

  123. It’s a good idea to take a small cricket bat or rounders bat and ball to play team games with, and you can make new friends by inviting other campers to join you if you wish.

  124. Make sure that the kids sleeping area is comfy, warm and dry with their fluffy pillows, cosy duvets (it can get cool on nights), and lots of fun indoor activities for nights, as they maybe a bit restless, and will benefit from entertainment xx

  125. Always make sure you pack the night before so you always take everything you need! And always bring some form of entertainment

  126. I always make sure we have plenty of wet wipes, plenty of lanterns (both battery and solar) and definitely lots of activities, from colouring and puzzle books incase of wet weather and for the evenings, and hanging around whilst they are waiting for their meals etc, and lots of outdoor fun toys, like all-weather swingball!

  127. Kids get bored easy so make sure you bring plenty of stuff to keep them entertained like colouring books, games and portable telly or dvd player especially if it rains.

  128. Don’t sweat the small stuff, like mud in the tent – you just have to let it go as it’s impossible to fight!

  129. When camping for the first time with your kids, make sure you are less then 20 minutes from your home. Our little boy was really freaked by the darkness. Thankfully we were close enough to hop in the car and spend the rest of the night safely in our home.

  130. Bring lots of outdoor playing games keeps them entertained for hours we take a football, cricket set, swing ball, boules, and a couple of scooters.

  131. We always take games for outside such as footballs, bowling and cricket and then we take cards and board games for when it is raining or for the car journey

  132. We get the kids involved in putting up tents, cooking they love it and I would suggest always make sure every child has their own torch near them at night

  133. keep them active and involved. as much as possible.so many great memories can be made camping and they can learn alot.

  134. My girls love to help me cook especially when we r camping… there favourite for the camp fire is wrapping bananas, chocolate buttons and Marshmallows in foil then serving them with Custard

  135. Let them take a come comfort with them so they settle down better. A teddy or their regular pillow from home are good ideas

  136. Always pack plenty of treats and marshmallows to eat around a campfire. S’mores are great to make while camping and they keep the kids happy!

  137. Always plan for rain! Games, clothes etc. Because stuck in a tent with nothing to do while its rain can ruin a holiday unless your prepared

  138. Practice in the garden first. Take a well stocked first aid kit with paracetamol and blister plasters.

  139. I would recommend being prepared for ever eventually.
    Make sure you have your wellies and waterproofs with you and plenty of baby wipes. Take some outdoor games as well as indoor games as if it’s really raining they can have something to do in the tent X

  140. Pop your tent close to a loo, if there is one available, if there isn’t, a bucket is a good idea for a midnight loo run.

  141. Take lots of carrier bags to put wet, muddy clothes and shoes in. Take lots of snacks and things to keep the kids busy on a rainy day.

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